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Verified Git commit signing at enterprise scale

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It’s hard to prove who authored each commit…until today

Beyond Identity cuts through the anonymity of Git to provide a secure, scalable way for development and GitOps teams to immutably sign and verify the author of every commit. Our author verification API in Git proves that what you’ve shipped is what your developers actually built—and that nothing else got added.

Beyond Identity verifies the author of each commit

Unlike anything on the market, Beyond Identity’s commit signing is irrefutable and built for enterprise scale.

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Author verification API in your CI/CD pipeline

Our author verification API is the first check in your CI/CD pipeline. It automatically checks that the key that signed the commit is tied to a corporate identity and device—and was issued and registered with the Beyond Identity Cloud.

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Central management of users and their devices

Admins can control which devices can create keys and manage key revocation.

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Keys minted locally and bound to device

When developers self enroll, Beyond Identity automatically mints the GPG key in the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on their computer. For the first time, GPG keys are tied to a corporate identity and the private key can’t be accessed or moved off the device.

Our author verification API integrates with all code repos and tools

A day in the life of a developer—it’s seamless

Beyond Identity works seamlessly with developers’ existing workflows. Our security checks occur in parallel with existing developer processes for a seamless experience.


Get it in your developers’ hands

Developers set up their unique GPG keys once on their computer.

Automatically sign each commit

When developers check in code, Beyond Identity automatically signs each commit.

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