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Secure DevOps

Shift security controls left so only verified corporate identities can commit source code. Every Git commit is signed to stop adversaries from injecting malicious code into your CI/CD pipeline.

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Verify every code commit, from every device to stop malicious attacks and deter insider threats

Cryptographically bind access and signing keys to a corporate identity and authorized device. Systematically inspect every commit so only source code signed by a valid corporate identity is built into the product.

Verify source code is signed by a valid corporate identity

Secure your CI/CD pipeline. Place the Beyond Identity source code provenance check - a Git action or simple API call - at the beginning of your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that only source code that is cryptographically tied to a valid corporate identity makes it into your build.

code signing github actions
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Signing keys are trustworthy and can’t be moved

Developers mint their GPG keys in the Beyond Identity Authenticator and private keys are stored in the secure hardware and cannot leave the device
Key revocation is centralized and easy to manage
Enforce policies to control which devices are authorized to create keys
codesigning githubactions

Restrict source code commits to corporate identities and devices

Ensure that only corporate identities and authorized users can submit source code
There’s a one-time set up for developers, then Beyond Identity signs source code behind the scenes for them without the need for a complex signing ceremony
Only source code that is signed by a corporate identity using Beyond Identity is allowed in the build
event log

Immutable record of every key and authentication for forensics

Captures event logs every time:

A key is created, deleted, and expired
User authenticates into Github, Gitlab, and BitBucket
A source code commit is signed

Integrates with leading code repositories and CI/CD tools

Beyond Identity’s verification API integrates with popular Git repos and CI automation tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, and Circle CI. Get alerts in your CI tool to flag or fail a build if code commits are not properly signed by a valid corporate identity.

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