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Device Trust for Employees and Extended Workforce

Continuous validation of user identity and real-time device security posture

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Device360: Device access you control

  • 360 birds-eye view of your inventory
  • Instantly identify weak links in your fleet
  • Test access controls before you deploy

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The problem with untrusted devices

No visibility

Cloud apps can be accessed with any device creating a blind spot for security teams

Ineffective access controls

No ability to control access based on real-time user and device risk

Privacy Issues

MDMs spark privacy concerns when applied to personal devices

Difficult to manage

MDMs are expensive, difficult to maintain, and shunned by your extended workforce


Zero Trust Authentication requires device trust


Enforce inspection for both managed and BYOD devices

Gain visibility into and determine access based on real-time device security posture checks:

  • Firewall status
  • Antivirus status
  • Biometric enablement status
  • And 200+ more risk signals
access policy

Get granular with your access policies

Partition employee devices based on the levels of risk accepted by the different businesses of the organization

continuous auth

Continuously validate device security settings

Continuously authenticate every 10 minutes and quarantine any device that no longer meets policy requirements to ensure that all endpoints are secure prior to granting access to company resources.


Only allow validated users and properly configured devices

Users can't clone, move, or modify the device-bound private key created and stored in the secure enclave of their devices. Beyond Identity gives you the peace of mind that only authorized users are able to access company resources.

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Device Trust: A Key Element of Zero Trust Authentication

Device Trust: A Key Element of Zero Trust Authentication

KuppingerCole Executive View

KuppingerCole Executive View: Beyond Identity Secure Work


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MDMs, which are often used BYOD security solutions, can often infringe on privacy of employees. Contractors and extended workforce often refuse to install MDMs because of these privacy concerns.

With MDMs, organizations have control of the device with and can entirely wipe the device remotely. While companies are supposed to only wipe the business portion of these devices, it hasn’t always worked that way. Beyond Identity doesn't infringe on user privacy while providing organizations with strong security.

Learn more about employee privacy with BYOD.

Controlling internal machines is hard enough for administrators, but securing personal devices is a different and more difficult challenge. Not only must administrators ensure that devices are secure, but they must also differentiate between devices that should be legitimately authorized on the network versus personal devices that could contain rootkits, ransomware, keyloggers, and any other malicious applications.

It's a balancing act for organizations wanting to allow for maximum productivity with flexibility to work on different devices, but also making sure their networks remain secure and free of bad actors. 

Learn more about BYOD security risks

  • Implementing phishing-resistant MFA 
  • Continuously verify the user's identity and their authorization to access sensitive resources
  • Verify the identity and device attempting to authenticate by cryptographically binding the identity to a device 
  • Use a robust policy engine to ensure that everyone accessing resources meets the security requirements set by the organization

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Zero Trust Authentication

Reduce the attack surface by 80% with the industry’s only Zero Trust Authentication solution

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Phishing-Resistant MFA

Credential-based threats are over

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