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Evolving Beyond the Password: It's Time to up the Ante

While there's an immediate need to improve MFA adoption, it's also critical to move to more advanced and secure passwordless frameworks, including biometrics. (Part 1 of 2)
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Beyond Identity CEO: Passwords Plague The World

Ask Thomas Jermoluk what the biggest problem with today’s security is, and he’s unlikely to even pause for a breath before answering: Passwords.
tech republic

How password fatigue can cost organizations time, money and mental energy

On average, companies lose $480 worth of productivity per employee per year due to the time spent dealing with password problems, says Beyond Identity.
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Please stop giving bad password advice

Another day, another breach, and another round of advice by “security experts” and government spokespeople about how to make passwords safe. Let’s just cut to the chase. There’s no way to make passwords safe. Full stop.