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Study: Cloud professionals overly confident in passwords

A survey by Beyond Identity found that over 80% of cloud professionals regard their password-based security measures as effective despite frequent reports of threat actors exploiting insecure password practices.
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Passworthygiene: Mehr Frustration oder Vertrauen?

Das Leben mit Passwörtern: 60 Prozent der Befragten der Beyond-Identity-Studie finden es frustrierend, sich mehrere merken zu müssen. Passwörter bergen mit die meisten Sicherheitsschwachstellen. Dennoch bleiben sie auch bei Fachleuten beliebt.
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Cloud professionals ‘overly attached to password-based security’

Most cloud professionals remain overly attached to the use of passwords despite their inherent security vulnerabilities, value as a target for threat actors, and widespread frustrations around password hygiene requirements, according to research conducted by Beyond Identity.
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Why traditional multi-factor authentication doesn't provide a safety net

"Transitioning to a Zero Trust strategy should be a high priority for organizations to adequately defend against the tide of cyberattacks. The introduction of a Zero Trust authentication solution is an important starting point for this," writes Chris Meidinger, Technical Director, EMEA, Beyond Identity