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Authenticate users with only phishing-resistant factors

Stop relying on phishable factors with authentication that can make security guarantees.

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phishing is on the rise

Legacy MFA puts your organization at risk

Adversaries no longer need advanced skills or knowledge to bypass legacy multi-factor authentication. Phishing attacks are now commonplace, as 36% of all data breaches involved a phishing attack in 2023.

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Relies on passwords
Passwords are easy to steal, as more than 80% of breaches are related to stolen, weak, or reused passwords.
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Legacy MFA factors are inherently insecure
SMS text messages, one-time-passwords, push notifications, and magic links can all be easily phished.
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Users will always click bad links
Security training can only go so far when human error is inevitable.

Legacy MFA puts your org at risk

Adding more insecure factors isn't the answer

Threat actors easily bypass these through push fatigue, SIM swap, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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No SMS text messages

With SIM swapping and interception, attackers can easily retrieve text messages.

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No one-time-passwords

OTP are easily phishable and the user error rate is high.

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No push notifications

Push notifications are phishable via MFA prompt bombing.

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No second device

Requiring a second device for authentication affects company productivity.

The solution

Frictionless FID02 phishing-resistant MFA

Instead of using passwords or other phishable authentication factors, Beyond Identity only uses authentication factors that can’t be stolen or phished.
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Say goodbye to annoying second factors with single-device MFA

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No SMS text messages
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No one-time-passwords
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No push notifications

Secure your organization from the most common attacks

Eliminate credential theft and secure your organization against all common MFA-bypass attacks:

Man-in-the-middle attacks
Push fatigue attacks
All credential theft
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phishing-resistant and events policy

Authenticate users with the strongest phishing-resistant factors

Secure by design authentication relies on only the strongest factors, so if a user clicks a bad link, nothing bad will happen.

Device-bound passkeys
Local biometrics
Device security posture

Go beyond industry and cyber insurance requirements

Many regulatory agencies and cyber insurance providers require phishing-resistant MFA. Beyond identity goes beyond what the federal government, NYDFS, and cyber insurance providers require.

See how we meet all industry requirements →
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Assess real-time device security posture, even for unmanaged BYOD devices

Ensure that a user is logging in from a trusted device and that the request is compliant with corporate security policies, stopping phishing attacks cold.

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The Top 10 MFA Bypass Hacks

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It wasn’t necessarily a ‘passwordless’ thing - it was more of a security thing for us - but people really dig it. Because they don’t have to worry about passwords anymore!

Mario Duarte
VP of Security, Snowflake
See how Mario took Snowflake passwordless →

“I can see how many devices get blocked by certain policies… being able to see it in action has been valuable for us.”

Ylan Muller
IT Manager
Read how FireHydrant secured 100% of employee devices →

“We used to get a lot of support calls, sometimes once a week, from drivers who couldn’t remember their passwords. But we’ve virtually eliminated those kinds of calls, which has reduced the burden a lot on our customer support.”

Sasha Jovicic
Runbuggy case study →

“Beyond Identity helps us guarantee that our US employees are accessing our data through company-issued devices and contractors are accessing our system through devices that are fully compliant with our requirements.”

Miguel Espinosa
Director of Information Security
Learn how Ylopo achieved 100% device trust →

Learn more about phishing-resistant MFA

How does Beyond Identity’s phishing-resistant MFA compare to Traditional MFA?

Beyond Identity doesn't use any phishable factors like:

We're also completely passwordless— there are no passwords used anywhere ever. It's also a clear winner for user experience because Beyond Identity's eliminates cumbersome passwords and annoying second factors.

Read more about how Beyond Identity compares to traditional MFA.

What does NIST say about phishing-resistant MFA?

Since 2017 NIST has called for avoiding MFA requiring a code or call sent to a second device. NIST standards state: “Use of the PSTN [Public Switched Telephone Network or a phoneline connection in human-speak] for out-of-band [authentication] verification is RESTRICTED.

How does WebAuthn work with phishing-resistant MFA?

WebAuthN aka Web Authentication API, in the long form, provides the underpinnings for passwordless, phishing-resistant authentication for websites via supported browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

WebAuthn and the FIDO Alliance’s corresponding Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) combine capabilities to make up the FIDO2 specification.

Experience MFA done right

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