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MFA Requirements Have Changed

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated in their attacks, and traditional MFA that relies on passwords and other weak factors can’t keep up. Remote working has expanded and rapid cloud adoption demands that companies ensure the identity of the user behind every device, and assess the level of risk before access.

Traditional MFA
Is Insecure

Traditional MFA

Passwordless MFA Protects
Your Critical Resources

Passwordless MFA

The Secure Way to MFA

Eliminate passwords and stop unauthorized users and risky devices from authenticating

Unlike traditional MFA, Beyond Identity can protect your data from advanced attacks.

Traditional MFA relies on weak factors like passwords and one-time codes.

Beyond Identity eliminates passwords and only uses strong factors like asymmetric cryptography and biometrics to protect your organization from phishing, ransomware attacks, and other password-based attacks. Gain control over all users and devices requesting access.

  Traditional MFA Beyond Identity authenticator
Complies With MFA Requirements Y Y
Eliminates Password-Based Attacks N Y
Removes Friction For Users N Y
Uses Only Trusted Factors N Y
Continuously Evaluates Authentication Risk N Y
Restricts Access To Authorized Users and Devices Only N Y

Authentication Protection For
High-Risk Resources in the Cloud

To ensure strong authentication, Beyond Identity cryptographically binds the user's identity to their device. Beyond Identity creates and securely stores users' private keys on each device's TPM and it can never leave the device. It's entirely frictionless and completely secure.

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Only Trusted Factors

Beyond Identity removes insecure factors like passwords, replacing them with device biometrics, and private keys on the device. Security teams can trust device possession because unmovable private keys are created on every device and cryptographically validated during each login using X.509 certs.

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Contextual Analysis

Beyond Identity analyzes risk signals during every authentication attempt, limiting access to critical resources only to known users and secure devices that meet your compliance requirements and are deemed “trustworthy”.

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Stop Unknown Users and Devices from Authenticating

Block malevolent access attempts by unauthorized users or unregistered devices, based on fine-grained access control policies. 

Icon Certified

Enforce and Prove Compliance

Force adherence to regulations like HIPAA to protect PHI via restricting access to authorized persons and capture immutable records of device security posture and other metadata at the exact time of authentication for every user and every device requesting access to your resources.

MFA Your Users Will Actually Love

Simplify Roll Out, Empower Your Users

Beyond Identity deploys within minutes, has automated provisioning, allows users to self enroll devices, and requires little maintenance. 

Remove Productivity Killers

No more unnecessary login friction! No need to locate a 2nd device, fish out a code or link. Eliminate the tedious two-step authentication processes.

Reduce Cost

No need for users to choose lengthy passwords or change them every 90 days. No more forgotten password lockouts or help desk password resets.  

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What Are Beyond Identity Users Saying?

“I was really shocked how easy and fluent Beyond Identity is, coming from a company that had several tedious 2FA processes to complete, I am a big fan and a welcomed new user.”

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Harry Smith
Channel Account Manager, Distology

“CASB’s are a failure. VPN’s are not keeping up. Now Beyond Identity has a way to help address this problem fully, in a clean and efficient way” 

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Mario Duarte
VP of Security, Snowflake

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