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Eliminate passwords and phishable factors before adversaries can exploit them - all while improving user experience.

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Passwords are your #1 vulnerability

More than 80% of breaches are related to stolen, weak, or reused passwords.

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Stealing passwords is super easy
Hackers don’t break in, they log in. Passwords can be easily hacked from databases, bought on the dark web, or phished from users.
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The cost of credential theft is high
Compromised credentials cost organizations an average $4.4 million per attack
traditional mfa is inadequate

Passwords are costing you in time, money, and mental energy

Traditional MFA relies on adding factors that not only frustrate users, but can be easily phished by adversaries.

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Users don't follow password requirements

4 out of 5 employees reuse passwords for some, many, or all work accounts.

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Password managers are insecure

All your sensitive information is in one place, shared with a 3rd party, and protected by... a password?

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Help desk costs

The average help desk labor cost for just a single password reset is $70, and large US-based organizations allocate over $1 million annually for password-related support costs.

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Hiding the password doesn't eliminate risk

Many passwordless solutions use passwords as a backup. Adversaries can still log in with stolen or leaked credentials.

The solution

Authentication that makes security simple for IT and users

Instead of using weak factors like passwords or other phishable authentication factors, Beyond Identity only uses strong authentication factors that can’t be stolen or phished.

Instantly eliminate the source of 80% of all breaches

Replace passwords and annoying second factors with stronger phishing-resistant ones that eliminate user friction:

Device-bound passkeys
Local biometrics
Device security posture
phishing-resistant and events policy
support calls decrease

Reduce help desk calls

Freeing up help desk staff saves an average of $70 in labor costs for a single password reset. No more complex password requirements, resets every 60 days, or contacting the help desk to resolve password lockouts and reset issues.

See how Runbuggy eliminated 99% of support calls →

Improve UX for your users with single-device MFA

Users do not need to refer to a second device, check their email, remember passwords, or go through the hassle of resetting them.

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Simple to deploy and manage

Beyond Identity deploys within minutes, with no extensive IT or engineering lift involved. Deployment includes support for integrations across your tech stack, as well as with all major SSOs and open standards such as SAML, SCIM, OIDC, OAuth 2.0.

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It wasn’t necessarily a ‘passwordless’ thing - it was more of a security thing for us - but people really dig it. Because they don’t have to worry about passwords anymore!

Mario Duarte
VP of Security, Snowflake
See how Mario took Snowflake passwordless →

“I can see how many devices get blocked by certain policies… being able to see it in action has been valuable for us.”

Ylan Muller
IT Manager
Read how FireHydrant secured 100% of employee devices →

“We used to get a lot of support calls, sometimes once a week, from drivers who couldn’t remember their passwords. But we’ve virtually eliminated those kinds of calls, which has reduced the burden a lot on our customer support.”

Sasha Jovicic
Runbuggy case study →

“Beyond Identity helps us guarantee that our US employees are accessing our data through company-issued devices and contractors are accessing our system through devices that are fully compliant with our requirements.”

Miguel Espinosa
Director of Information Security
Learn how Ylopo achieved 100% device trust →

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Passwordless vs Passwordless MFA

MFA requires more than one factor to authenticate a user. First generation MFA typically uses a password and layers on a one-time password, push notification, or magic link. This leaves the password in place, which is the biggest cause of fraud and breaches. The additional factors are also insecure as they are phishable and easily bypassed at scale.

Passwordless authentication refers to any authentication method that does not involve a password. It is not necessarily multi-factor. For example, if a service authenticates with only a magic link sent to the user's associated email, that magic link is the only factor used.

Beyond Identity's passwordless authentication is multi-factor and only uses phishing-resistant factors. We can completely replace passwords with asymmetric key pairs and local device biometrics to authenticate users strongly. It is also an improved user experience since there's no typing, copying codes, clicking links, or second devices involved.

How does passwordless login work?

While there are a variety of passwordless authentication methods, they are not created equal in terms of usability or security. For Beyond Identity, instead of a password users are authenticated with a public-private key pair (Universal Passkey) and their local device biometric or PIN.

For workforce authentication, organizations delegate authentication to Beyond Identity from their SSO to enable passwordless authentication. For customer authentication, organizations can integrate with Beyond Identity SDKs and APIs to deliver passwordless authentication natively within their web and mobile applications.

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Is passwordless MFA NIST compliant?

Beyond Identity is FIDO certified and compliant with NIST 800-63 AAL3 when deployed as a component within a AAL3 compliant ecosystem.

Beyond Identity's Universal Passkeys are device-bound credentials that provides security beyond a character requirement for password complexity and isn’t a “commonly used, expected, or compromised” value. No hints, security questions, nor password resets are needed as the credential is tied to the device and user, and logging in is as simple as a click.

Additionally, Beyond Identity's continuous risk-based authentication enables MFA that is compliant with zero trust initiatives to deliver the highest assurance of user identity and device security. Learn more.

Experience MFA done right

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