Secure Workforce

Know and control exactly who and what device is accessing your resources

Stay ahead of bad actors with all the clarity, control and precision you need in order to make informed security decisions, all in one platform.

Implement passwordless, phishing-resistant MFA

Make credential-based attacks obsolete by eliminating all passwords and leveraging phishing-resistant factors.

Enforce device trust

Stop employees from logging into SaaS apps and cloud infrastructure from any device. Combine identity-bound devices with real-time device-health checks for secure access, no MDM required.

Enable zero trust

Eliminate transitive trust by ensuring strong identity claims and continuously assessing device risk during every authentication transaction.

Secure remote workers

Enable secure BYOD and control remote access to organizational resources in the cloud with a secure, low cost, and low maintenance replacement for VPN.

Go passwordless with device-bound identities

Eliminate the vulnerabilities of passwords and the inconvenience of legacy MFA. Ensure the highest confidence in identity claims by cryptographically binding a user identity to their devices.

device and user security
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Ensure device security before every authentication

Gather granular device security posture data and dynamically enforce policies to restrict access to authorized users and trusted devices.

Enforce security and prove compliance

Enforce adherence to device security policy for all of your users, no matter the device or platform, as a condition for identity verification and access to cloud resources. Generate an immutable (tamper proof) log with complete details of every attempted authentication.

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It wasn’t necessarily a ‘passwordless’ thing - it was more of a security thing for us - but people really dig it. Because they don’t have to worry about passwords anymore!

Mario Duarte
VP of Security, Snowflake
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“I can see how many devices get blocked by certain policies… being able to see it in action has been valuable for us.”

Ylan Muller
IT Manager
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“We used to get a lot of support calls, sometimes once a week, from drivers who couldn’t remember their passwords. But we’ve virtually eliminated those kinds of calls, which has reduced the burden a lot on our customer support.”

Sasha Jovicic
Runbuggy case study →

“Beyond Identity helps us guarantee that our US employees are accessing our data through company-issued devices and contractors are accessing our system through devices that are fully compliant with our requirements.”

Miguel Espinosa
Director of Information Security
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