Beyond Identity integrates with Auth0 to provide customers with strong security without compromising the user experience

Announcing Beyond Identity’s New Auth0 Integration

Categories: CIAM, Product

Today, customer expectations have changed. Customers increasingly expect frictionless experiences to login to digital services and they’re very concerned about their digital privacy and securing their data. The stakes for delivering secure and seamless customer experiences have never been higher. 

Data breaches are at an all-time high, in 2020, they’ve increased by 273%. Regulatory pressures are ramping up as well with PSD2 going into effect in September 2021. Plus, the importance of a seamless customer experience remains high as Gartner reports that 86% of organizations will be competing based on the customer experience by 2021. Existing solutions like multi-factor authentication (MFA), social logins, and out-of-band code force companies to make tradeoffs between security and customer experience. 

Eliminating the password is the first step towards reducing risk and improving the customer experience. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new integration with Auth0.

We’ve partnered with Auth0 because their identity management platform is designed to ensure simplicity and flexibility for developers. Auth0’s mission of empowering anyone to build secure digital experiences aligns with Beyond Identity’s commitment to making secure passwordless authentication accessible to all. It’s our first integration of many to provide passwordless for customer-facing applications.

Here are five things you can expect from our passwordless Auth0 integration:

Stop credential attacks and account takeovers

Beyond Identity allows you to deliver fundamentally secure, passwordless authentication using proven, industry standards X.509 certificates and TLS without any certificate management. By replacing passwords, you can eliminate attackers’ favorite target and make credential attacks and account takeovers impossible to execute.

Achieve Strong Customer Authentication without friction

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requires two of three factors - what you know, what you have, and/or who you are. Typically, companies implement MFA to meet SCA requirements at the cost of a streamlined customer experience. With Beyond Identity, you can authenticate using two strong factors, possession and inherence, without the hassle of a second device, one-time code, or push notification. 

Eliminate password friction with zero-click authentication

Research shows that 46% of US consumers fail to complete a transaction frequently or very frequently due to authentication issues. By empowering customers to sign in securely without a password or second device, this integration helps you to eliminate password friction and increase the rate and speed of successful logins. 

Configure step-up authentication using device security posture and user behavior

Beyond Identity provides visibility into fine-grained device security posture and user behavior which you can leverage to configure access policies such as step-up authentication to provide further assurance for high-risk actions. 

For instance, you can prompt the customer to enter a biometric for step-up authentication when they are trying to transfer a large amount of money or are exhibiting abnormal behavior like signing in from a new location or at an unusual time.

Simple implementation with open standards

To implement Beyond Identity’s Auth0 integration, you simply need to configure a few Auth0 settings to set Beyond Identity as a delegated identity provider (IdP). You have the flexibility to use either OpenID Connect (OIDC) or OAuth 2.0 as your preferred protocol. 

Get a demo or integrate Beyond Identity from the Auth0 Marketplace.