What is Secure DevOps?


It's surprisingly easy for hackers to impersonate authorized users of your corporate Git environment. Why? Because your developers can access it using their personal accounts, which are not tied to a corporate identity. That makes it difficult for IT to control access. And because contributors can sign the author field of a commit with anything they like, IT can't track who's really authoring these commits. 

Just as bad, contributors are committing code on unauthorized machines, often without even logging into the Git web service, evading all access controls. This leaves your software components vulnerable to unauthorized access and tampering, which can lead to malicious code getting distributed to all of your clients. With Secure DevOps by Beyond Identity, you can ensure that only your developers check in code to your repo and that all commits came from an authorized user and device all without impacting software velocity. 

Now, you can know for certain that what you shipped is what your developers developed. Welcome to Secure DevOps by Beyond Identity.