Tom "TJ" Jermoluk, CEO of Beyond Identity, on how companies can now go passwordless for free

Why We’re Giving Away Our Passwordless Solution for Free Now

In looking at all the customer acceptance that we've had, our board, our investors looked at what we're doing and said, "We really want you to step on the gas at this point." And that was the basis behind us doing a Series B and getting $75 million more in funding.

What This Means for Those Wanting to Take Advantage of Going Passwordless

One of the things that this has allowed us to do is to be able to offer a tier of our product that's free.

When I say free, I don't mean the normal con job of it's free up to 5,000 users or six months, or it's free but you don't get support. I'm talking about a product that is a core part of our platform architecture, that will be available for them for unlimited users, unlimited length of time and supported by the company, that will allow them to upgrade to whatever features they want to in the future, if they want dynamic risk policy, continuous authentication, audit and compliance or any other capabilities, it's all part of the same platform, all seamlessly upgradable to that.

But the core part of it, the basic part of it that they can implement immediately, easily, and today is absolutely free. And that means that they can go passwordless, they can remove the passwords from their system, remove the target, the security target, off the back of the company, by eliminating the passwords from their computer systems, and providing their users a frictionless secure way to access their systems in a remote or an on-premise manner, completely free.

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Go Passwordless for Free