BeyondTrust and Beyond Identity

BeyondTrust's David Manks, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, and Adam White, Director of Technical Marketing, review how privileged access management combined with Zero Trust Authentication from Beyond Identity can secure identity and access pathways continuously in real-time to achieve zero trust identity and access management.



Welcome to Building the Bridge to Zero Trust together with BeyondTrust and Beyond Identity. I'm David Manks, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at BeyondTrust. And I'm here with Adam White. 

Adam, you want to say hello? 


Yes, hello. Adam White, Director of Technical Marketing. 


Thanks. It's great being with everybody today. Today, we wanted to provide you with a quick overview of BeyondTrust, our solutions, and the value of our partnership together with Beyond Identity helping to achieve zero trust. So let's go ahead and take a look. But first, a little bit about BeyondTrust to get us started. 

BeyondTrust is an established global organization with a proven track record of market leadership, product innovation, and customer satisfaction. We have over 1,500 employees across the globe helping to service over 20,000 customers worldwide. We are continually ranked and recognized as a leader in the privileged access management space by leading industry analysts. 

And most importantly, we have over 90% gross retention rating for our customers which means that our customers like BeyondTrust, they like our solutions, and they continually come back every single time. So, BeyondTrust is the leader in intelligent identity and access security. Our vision and mission guides everything that we do at BeyondTrust. 

Our vision is a world where identities and access are protected from cyber threats. That's a tall order in today's very hostile environment. But this is our mission, every single day, to protect these identities, stop threats, and deliver dynamic access to empower a secure workforce from anywhere. 

It is well known that attacks on privileged identities and access are increasing at an exponential rate. Take a look at some of the stats on the slides. We're seeing more identities. We're seeing more machine accounts. 

We're seeing more cloud accounts, more locations, more third-party access, more remote access than ever before. And of course, this is opening up more threats for organization and more challenges from a security standpoint. And of course, this is where zero trust ultimately comes into play. There are also more privileged accounts than ever before, which of course, creates a huge target attack vector for these hackers or criminals that are looking to target accounts because as we know, these privileged accounts are the jewels to the kingdom. 

So, it's a great place for them to attack an organization and try to get access to. So really, by applying a granular privilege access security to achieve zero trust really ensures that all access is appropriate, is managed, is secured, and is documented regardless of how the perimeter has been defined. 

Because, of course, we know that the perimeter is really a loosely defined topic these days, right? There are multiple locations and users' devices that are accessing infrastructure and network resources. The BeyondTrust platform is comprised of multiple solutions that help organizations today, providing such things as secure privileged access, remote support, privileged cloud infrastructure entitlement management, active directory bridging, privilege management for Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux, and securing all these privileged credentials and secrets all with one holistic view with our identity insights. 

So you can see our entire set of solutions really helping organizations achieve the zero trust approach. But we also know that zero trust is not a single product or not a single solution. It's a team sport. It's a team concept of multiple products and solutions all working together and all integrated. That's such a critical aspect to achieving this zero trust bridge. 

So now, I'm going to pass it over to Adam to walk through our combined solution together with BeyondTrust and Beyond Identity. Adam, over to you. 


Thank you, David. Let's look at a few ways that Beyond Identity and BeyondTrust are better together. First, by implementing strong unphishable MFA and policy-based access controls to ensure high trust authentication for admin accounts. Establishing identity before privileged actions on an endpoint are allowed using a frictionless step-up authentication experience. 

Thirdly, ensuring that only devices that meet the company's security policy have access to admin accounts. Then creating a zero-trust PAM architecture, don't trust the user until they pass a high assurance authentication and don't trust their device until it meets security policies. Strong authentication for administrators, end users, and the device they're using to access privileged accounts is a foundational underpinning of Zero Trust. 

And then lastly, eliminate passwords and the corresponding vulnerabilities from privileged accounts. We never want people walking around knowing credentials that can do harm. So, here we see a typical flow of the process to request access to a privileged account. Almost all of what you see here is transparent to the user as Beyond Identity and BeyondTrust Password Safe, in this case, work together to provide passwordless authentication and acts to utilize privileged accounts in a just-in-time and secure fashion. 


Thank you, Adam. And thank you, everybody. We really appreciate the time today. We hope this was interesting and enjoyable information. For additional information on BeyondTrust, you can go to, and under technology partnerships, you can read all about our combined solution together with Beyond Identity. Thank you, again.