Beyond Identity + Microsoft ADFS Integration

Provide your workforce with a passwordless login and risk-based authorization for secure access to applications and data. Beyond Identity integrates with your Microsoft ADFS instance in a matter of minutes and will eliminate passwords for your organization to increase security and reduce login friction.

In this video we'll show you how to integrate Beyond Identity into your Microsoft ADFS environment.

How to integrate Beyond Identity with Microsoft ADFS

To get started, simply add Beyond Identity as a Claims Provider in your ADFS single sign-on environment. It only takes a few minutes to add Beyond Identity's configuration file to your Microsoft ADFS instance.

Once set up, users can self-enroll by downloading the Beyond Identity Authenticator and activating their credentials on their own trusted devices, enabling passwordless login to your ADFS single sign-on and applications.

Your workforce can easily add and remove additional devices to reduce lockouts and help desk tickets. All of your admins get full visibility into user login transactions and each device's security posture through Beyond Identity's Admin Portal. You get full control over which users and devices are permitted to access your business applications.

Logging in to an app on a computer

Now let's log into an app on my computer. You can open up Slack and choose to sign in with ADFS. Then you pick the passwordless login powered by Beyond Identity.

ADFS automatically checks your credentials in the Beyond Identity authenticator, and now you're logged into Slack. You logged in securely without a password, and without having to pick up a phone. Now it's off to work.

Logging in to an app on mobile

Now let's login to a native app on your mobile device.

You've opened up Slack and have chosen to sign into my workspace using ADFS. It opens up the ADFS login screen and you choose the passwordless login powered by Beyond Identity. ADFS then automatically opens my Beyond Identity authenticator on my device and checks your credentials.

And just like that, you’re in. Again: no passwords, no help desk calls, and no hassle!