Beyond Identity and CrowdStrike: Features

Introducing a new Beyond Identity integration with CrowdStrike Falcon that brings together two technological leaders to further enhance organization’s zero trust initiatives.

Zero trust is only possible with strong trust in the end-user identity and the device. Beyond Identity helps companies achieve the foundations of zero trust with unphishablepasswordless MFA that cryptographically binds and validates user and device identity.

This device has been detected to have a high level of risk. Please contact your administrator.

With the CrowdStrike integrations, companies can further bolster their zero trust strategy with the ability to continuously enforce risk-based access using real-time device security posture signals from CrowdStrike Falcon. Here are the key capabilities…

First, Beyond Identity can check that the CrowdStrike Falcon agent is installed, running, and up-to-date. This is how the policy statement would appear in the Beyond Identity Admin Console and what the end-user would see.

Secondly, companies can enforce authentication policies using CrowdStrike Falcon’s Zero Trust Assessment Score to establish trust that an endpoint is secure at time of authentication. For example, you can deny all requests below a score of 50 or enforce additional OS verification for devices with a score between a specified range.

Thirdly, Beyond Identity can call the CrowdStrike API to quarantine devices that do not meet security requirements. For instance, you can check for firewall enablement and quarantine devices that have firewall turned off.

Finally, in accordance with NIST zero trust principles, our integration allows companies to continuously monitor user behavior and device security posture to ensure compliance with security policies – including the ability to call the CrowdStrike API to quarantine non-compliant devices.

This shows the policy statement that would enact the device quarantine and if a device falls under the security threshold during a continuous authentication assessment, access will be revoked which you can see in the CrowdStrike Console. 

This is a short overview of the Beyond Identity and Crowdstrike Falcon integration. For more information, visit to learn more or get started.