Passwordless IAM
with Ping Identity

Integrate Beyond Identity into your Ping Identity environment to eliminate passwords and secure access to your applications and data.

Deploying a single sign-on was a great first step, however, now your workforce has just one password to get access to Ping Identity and all of your organization’s applications.

Integrate passwordless authentication into your PingFederate environment for stronger authentication and to protect your organization from security risks such as account takeover, phishing attacks, and stolen credentials. In a few simple configuration changes you can add Beyond Identity as a delegate identity provider in your PingFederate environment. It’s easy to manage and to enroll users, get up and running in as little as an hour.

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Eliminate Passwords to Increase Security and User Convenience

Provide your workforce with a passwordless login to Ping Identity single sign-on enabled applications to remove the risks of account takeover and unauthorized access. Choose a passwordless login that improves the user experience, where users no longer need to pick up another device to login securely.

Enforce Risk-Based Authorization Policies

Utilize contextual signals from the user, the authenticating device, and the risk-level of the application to analyze each login request and enforce dynamic, risk-based authorization decisions to company resources.

Act on device security posture data that's built-into Beyond Identity’s authenticator, on both managed and unmanaged devices, including:

  • App version
  • Device model and operating system
  • Password protection status
  • Biometric enablement status
  • Secure enclave status
  • Firewall enablement status
  • Hard drive encryption status
  • And more

Connecting Beyond Identity to Ping Identity

Simply add Beyond Identity as a delegate identity provider in an existing PingFederate environment. The integration requires only a few minor configuration settings within PingFederate and does not require any coding. When an end-user requests access to a single sign-on application, it delegates authentication responsibilities to PingFederate, and PingFederate subsequently delegates to Beyond Identity. Beyond Identity is a cloud-native solution that employs standard OpenID Connect flows.

Go passwordless

Eliminate the one password to access all of your applications and authenticate users using a more secure, frictionless method.

Eliminate user friction

Employees no longer need to create, remember, or change any passwords to their applications. Users simply register Beyond Identity’s authenticator and their secure credentials on each of their devices, and each application automatically delegates authentication to their device’s authenticator for a seamless user experience. No need to pick up a second device or a hardware token to log in.

Improve security

Without passwords, reduce the risk of phishing attacks, account takeover, and stolen credentials. Add further security controls by enforcing dynamic access policies based on contextual device data.

Reduce IT and Help Desk costs

Employees can self-register, add, and recover their devices to authenticate into their applications, reducing lockouts and help desk tickets.

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