Beyond Identity’s Microsoft Integrations

Microsoft has been a mainstay in the identity and access management space with a plethora of products to help protect workforces. Beyond Identity integrates with Microsoft ADFS, Azure AD, and InTune seamlessly and easily. You can now achieve continuous risk-based authentication and check every device for its security posture across these integrations. 

Eliminate password-based attacks for your entire workforce today.


Level up Conditional Access policies

For Microsoft customers, Microsoft Conditional Access is great for creating access policies for Windows 10 and Office 365 applications, but there are gaps that Beyond Identity can help close. Our integration with Azure AD SSO authenticates users with the strongest and most reliable factors, and checks the security of every device at the time of login. 

You can see all the ways Beyond Identity levels up Conditional Access policies.

Provide frictionless authentication that users will love

Employees no longer have to pick up their phone or a physical hardware token every time they need to log in. There’s no magic link, no one-time codes, and no passwords ever. It’s also easy to scale as users can self enroll all of their devices.

Secure managed devices as well as BYOD

With more employees working remote than ever before and accessing resources on numerous devices, it’s imperative that sensitive data can only be accessed on secure devices. You can assess every device for trust and guarantee that only authorized users and approved devices get access to critical applications, which is necessary for unmanaged, BYOD devices.

Create an immutable record of each login transaction

View and export an immutable record of each login transaction, including who accessed which application and the security posture of each device at the time of login for streamlined audit and compliance reporting.

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Integrating Beyond Identity and InTune stops risky users and devices

With Beyond Identity’s 25+ customizable risk signals, you can set an access control policy that fits your organization and users. You can enhance the risk policies that you currently have with your Microsoft Intune integration. Check real-time risk signals from every user, and every device, at every transaction.

Some risk signals you can set include:

Operating system version
Biometric enabled
Firewall enabled
And more

Ready to totally secure your Microsoft environment?