Authentication should be EASY and SECURE for your customers (and you)

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Implement passkeys across every platform with ease

Deliver frictionless, strong multi-factor authentication on every device, platform,  application, and protocol—eliminating passwords completely


Omni-platform passwordless authentication in minutes

With SDKs for iOS, Android, and web — we take care of customer authentication across all of your applications so you can focus on building your product.

Embedded.shared.authenticate(url: URL(string: "bi-authenticate-url")!) { credentials, onSelectCredentialId in
    // Where you can perform some logic here to select a credential, or
    // present UI to a user to enable them to select a credential.
    let foundCredential = credentials.first { $0.identity.username == "some_username" }
} callback: { result in
    // Handle result

EmbeddedSdk.authenticate("bi-authenticate-url", { credentials, onSelectCredentialId ->
    // Where you can perform some logic here to select a credential, or
    // present UI to a user to enable them to select a credential.
    val foundCredential = credentials.find { it.identity.username == "some_username" }

const authenticateResponse = embedded.authenticate("bi-authenticate-url", (credentials) => {
    // Allow the user to make a selection on what
    // credential to authenticate against. This example
    // makes use of the built in `prompt` function to
    // show how a user can be prompted to select a
    // credential. In an actual app, you would replace
    // this with your own UI or you would inject a
    // preselected
    let promptText =, index) => {
        return `${index}: ${}\n`;
    let selectedIndex = prompt(promptText, "index");
    if (selectedIndex >= 0 && selectedIndex < credentials.length) {
        let selectedId = credentials[selectedIndex].id;
        return selectedId;
    return "";

Unphishable security with invisible multi-factor authentication

Beyond Identity allows you to authenticate with three strong factors in a single transaction while keeping login lightning fast for users.

Device-level biometrics

Verify “something you are” with local device biometrics

Device-level security keys

Prove “something you own” and verify user identity with cryptographic keys bound to all registered devices

Device-level security checks

Check user and device risk for every authentication request to implement dynamic risk-based authentication

How it works

Beyond Identity makes it easy to implement strong passwordless authentication from any device using universal passkeys comprised of public-private key pairs.

All keys are cryptographically linked to the user and can be centrally managed using our APIs.

During sign-up, a unique, device-bound passkey is created with a private key generated and stored in the device's secure enclave and a public key sent to the Beyond Identity Cloud. This happens in the background and you have various options for initiating key creation (email or in-app).

During authentication, Beyond Identity issues a challenge signed by the private keys in the device’s secure enclave, evaluates user and device security risk in real-time, and makes a risk-based access decision based on your security requirements.

For recovery, the user can either extend their passkey from another trusted device or re-enroll in passwordless with the same user ID.

Fast and easy to implement

SDKs, sample apps,  tutorials, and community to help you get started quickly

Flexible extensibility

Standards-based SDKs (OIDC, OAuth 2.0, SAML) to simplify integration across your tech stack

Reliable scalability

Cloud-native, SaaS platform that can elastically handle enterprise workloads and spikes

Simplify application complexity

Reduce the number of moving pieces and delegate authentication to a single platform

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