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Beyond Identity Expands Integrations Ecosystem to No-Code Passkey Plugin for Bubble

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No-code platforms abstract programming languages and logic and instead use a visual, drag-and-drop approach to software development. This powerfully enables anyone, regardless of programming skills, to quickly build functional web and native mobile applications. 

Aligned with the no-code ethos of increasing accessibility to software development, we’re excited to announce our new Bubble plugins that make it possible to create secure, passwordless, no-code applications with universal passkeys. 

As the first passkey plugins in the Bubble marketplace, they enable developers to quickly future-proof their applications to be passkey compatible, eliminate the biggest sources of fraud and breaches, and do it without worrying about compatibility issues with browser support for FIDO. 

Learn more about the plugins features and get started for free.

What’s new?

Passwordless registration, login, and recovery

Eliminate authentication friction for faster user onboarding and logins while getting rid of frustrating password resets. 

Beyond Identity’s Bubble plugins allow developers to provide passwordless authentication using universal passkeys which replace passwords with asymmetric cryptography. The private key is created, stored, and never leaves a device’s secure enclave with a corresponding public key sent to the Beyond Identity cloud.

The end-user doesn’t have to deal with passwords, one-time codes, push notifications, or second devices during registration, login, and recovery. 

Universal compatibility

While FIDO compatibility has been increasing, not all users will be accessing your applications on browsers that support FIDO. For that reason, Beyond Identity provides two modes of operation—one where FIDO credentials are created, but also a fallback credential creation mechanism using Web Crypto to ensure users can have a secure, passwordless experience regardless of the FIDO compatibility of their browser of choice. 

This fallback is automatic with no developer specification or customer action needed to simplify implementation. With Beyond Identity’s Bubble plugins, developers can provide a passkey experience for users on any device or browser. 

Secure, phishing-resistant factors

Every authentication with Beyond Identity is multi-factor by default using “something you own” (private key in secure enclave) and “something you are” (local device biometrics). For devices without biometric capabilities, Beyond Identity defaults to local device PIN which, unlike passwords, never leaves the local device context and is not prone to breaches. 

By eliminating phishable factors like passwords, one-time codes, and push notifications, developers safeguard end-users from account takeover fraud and better secure their no-code applications against bad actors. 

Simplify and offload application security

Bubble developers can easily and quickly build passkey-compatible applications with Beyond Identity plugins that protect end-users against phishing, password bots, and credential-based breaches without any coding expertise or knowledge of identity protocols such as OIDC or OAuth 2.0. 

Plus, our plugins are simple to integrate and backed by a highly available and scalable cloud-native platform. Check out our integration video or read our documentation here

What’s different?

Unlike other passwordless plugins in no-code marketplaces, Beyond Identity’s Bubble plugins deliver: 

  • Zero-friction authentication with no second devices, one-time codes, push notifications, or out-of-band voice calls
  • Universal passkey support across all devices, browsers, and platforms to eliminate compatibility issues and future-proof user experiences across any application
  • Invisible, phishing-resistant MFA that authenticates with “something you own” (private key in secure enclave) and “something you are” (local device biometric) with no user action needed
  • Enterprise-grade scalability with a cloud-native, API-first platform

How do I get started?

To get started, sign up for a free Beyond Identity developer account and Bubble account if you don’t already have them. Then follow our documentation and integration video to complete your integration. 

Let us know in our Slack if you need any help or have feedback! Our product and engineering teams are here to answer your questions.