451 Round Table Recap

451 Round Table Recap

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Device trust is fundamental in today’s cloud-native world, but with a changing workforce, how do you know a user's endpoint is secure enough to protect your most mission-critical data? And how is that device trust related to Zero trust? 

Cyberattacks like Solarwinds are not only growing in frequency but are revealing major vulnerabilities in software engineering and redefining what is necessary in modern dev/ops environments. Jasson Casey, CTO of Beyond Identity, joined Garrett Bekker, Senior Research Analyst at 451 Research, and Mario Duarte, VP of Security at Snowflake, for an in-depth discussion on why implementing strong, passwordless authentication and checking device trust at each login is a fundamental building block of Zero Trust

Check out our key takeaways from the roundtable session:

  • Why Snowflake decided to go passwordless
  • Zero Trust infrastructure in a work from home world, and the future of passwordless MFA
  • Why device trust was a big part of that decision
  • The Solarwinds attack from Mario’s perspective
  • The Passwordless journey and next steps 

Watch the full round table discussion below now by entering your work email to learn more about how strong user authentication and device trust are a core component, and starting point, for your zero trust journey.