Beyond Identity Integrates With Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO

Delivers Invisible, Passwordless MFA and Device-based Access Controls for Enterprise Workforces Across All Device Types

NEW YORK, December 21, 2021 – Invisible multi-factor authentication (MFA) provider Beyond Identity today announced a new integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) SSO. This latest integration with Microsoft provides a ubiquitous passwordless MFA experience for enterprise workforces across all operating systems, on all device types – completely eliminating passwords from the authentication and recovery process to stop all password-based attacks. Beyond Identity delivers visibility into, and device-based access control over, managed and unmanaged devices, ensuring every user and their device complies with the organization’s security policy before granting access to enterprise SaaS resources.

In a separate press release today, Beyond Identity announced it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). To be considered for MISA, organizations must be nominated by Microsoft and demonstrate integrations that support the goal of improving enterprise security. Beyond Identity was nominated for membership into MISA based on how its platform uses the power of Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager device management capabilities and combines them with Beyond Identity’s native, device-level security signals to make risk-based authentication decisions.

“With workforces more distributed than ever before, there’s a wide variety of devices accessing enterprise resources more rapidly than companies can secure them,” said Jasson Casey, CTO at Beyond Identity. “As a leader in identity and access management, Microsoft is seeking to deliver a ‘singular user experience’ to its massive customer base. Complementing that vision, our integration with Microsoft provides an unparalleled level of security checks and access control over the full range of PCs, mobile devices, and tablets that are authenticating to SaaS and on-premises apps. Our integration empowers authorized users to access the resources they need, while protecting businesses’ most critical data.”

Integrating with Microsoft Azure AD SSO and Microsoft Azure ADFS environments, Beyond Identity Secure Work protects organizations from password-based attacks, the most common vector for data breaches and ransomware. Beyond Identity binds the user’s identity to the device using asymmetric cryptography to ensure that only authorized users and approved devices can get access. For additional security, Beyond Identity collects dozens of security posture checks from every device requesting access at the time of login with its lightweight, self-service authenticator app. Also, IT and security teams can enforce custom, risk-based authentication policies with an extensible list of device-level security attributes using OS query and can combine attributes from Microsoft InTune and other MDM/EDR tools.

The benefits of Beyond Identity Secure Work include:

  • Supports employees on multiple platforms (Windows 10, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS) across cloud and on-premises application environments.
  • Controls BYOD and unmanaged device-based access to sensitive SaaS resources.
  • Assesses every device for trust, ensuring the required software, apps, and programs are running at the time of login.
  • Cloud-based and easy to implement, Beyond Identity is extremely cost-effective, delivering a low total cost of ownership.

For more information on Beyond Identity’s integration with Microsoft Azure AD SSO, please visit:

About Beyond Identity
Beyond Identity is fundamentally changing the way the world logs in – eliminating passwords and all phishable factors to provide users with the most secure and frictionless authentication on the planet. Our invisible multi-factor authentication platform enables companies to secure access to applications and critical data, stop ransomware and account takeover attacks, meet compliance requirements, and dramatically improve the user experience and conversion rates. Beyond Identity’s revolutionary, zero trust approach to authentication cryptographically binds the user’s identity to their device and analyzes hundreds of risk signals during each authentication request and on a continuous basis – enabling companies to implement custom, risk-based access controls that were never possible before. For more information on why Snowflake, Unqork, Roblox, and IAG use Beyond Identity, please visit

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Claire Mutty
CHEN PR for Beyond Identity

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