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Announcing MISA Partnership and Microsoft Azure AD SSO Integration

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and we’ve launched an integration with Microsoft Azure AD SSO!

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) Partnership

MISA is a coalition of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions with Microsoft’s security product ecosystem to help joint customers better defend themselves against a world of increasing cyber threats. To be considered for MISA, organizations must be nominated by Microsoft and demonstrate integrations that support the goal of improving enterprise security. 

Beyond Identity was selected based on the seamless integration of its modern, passwordless MFA platform with Microsoft Intune to assess if a device is secure at the time of authentication.  Beyond Identity  provides a completely frictionless, multi-factor authentication (MFA) experience across a wide range of devices including phones, tablets and computers. 

The solution completely eliminates passwords and all other phishable authentication factors and replaces them with a combination of asymmetric cryptography and biometrics built into the hardware of modern devices. Beyond Identity ensures that all managed or unmanaged devices comply with the organization's security policy before access is granted, enabling organizations to implement a zero trust compliant authentication strategy to precisely control who and what devices have access to sensitive resources. 

In addition to natively checking dozens of device security posture settings on managed or unmanaged devices, Beyond Identity is integrated with Microsoft Intune to verify managed devices and gather additional security posture data for the strongest set of risk policy checks available. Beyond Identity’s Secure Work product functions as a delegated identity provider, delivering the strongest MFA for customers using leading identity systems like Microsoft ADFS and Azure AD. 

Benefits of our Secure Work integration with Microsoft Azure AD SSO

In a SaaS dominated world, more and more devices are accessing company data at a faster rate than these devices can be secured. Device-level threats from malware, to misconfigurations, put organizations at risk every day.

Our integration with Azure AD SSO provides Microsoft customers with passwordless authentication to the SSO and checks the security of every device, even unmanaged and BYOD, at time of authentication.

  • Secure and UX-friendly passwordless MFA: Eliminate passwords in authentication and recovery, whichstops password-based attacks that are a common vector for breaches and ransomware attacks.
  • Assess every device for trust: Ensure only authorized users and approved devices get access to SaaS applications, reducing the risk of device-level threats, especially on unmanaged, BYOD devices. 
  • Extensible risk-based authentication: Enable a customizable list of device-level security checks for more dynamic control over access to SaaS applications, protecting company data in highly-accessible SaaS apps.

This integration with Microsoft Azure AD SSO adds to our growing list of existing SSO integrations: Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Okta, Ping Identity, and ForgeRock. This is in addition to our existing list of MDM integrations with Microsoft Intune, JAMF and VMware.

Beyond Identity’s integration with Azure AD SSO supports employees on multiple platforms: Windows 10 PCs, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhones, iPads, and tablets. 

Beyond Identity’s integration with Microsoft Azure AD SSO improves security controls for SaaS and BYOD, mitigates the risks of loss of data, IP, and brand reputation from unauthorized access, and helps organizations meet compliance regulations for authentication. It also decreases IT support costs from passwords.

Secure your workforce.