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Prevent Tampering Of Software Components

Stop software supply chain attacks before they start by ensuring code provenance.

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Repo compromise is costly and irrecoverable

Attackers continue to exploit vulnerabilities in distributed, cloud-based Git environments. Git’s great at helping with public, community-developed code, but they’re not focused on enterprise-grade security. Recent attacks like Solarwinds, Kaseya, and NotPetya have revealed that even mature, security-focused companies have enormous supply chain blindspots.

These attacks not only impact your production applications, it also directly affects your infrastructure-as-code. They have shown that it’s not only costly to remedy a breach of assets and third party tooling, credential theft, and key sprawl—it also erodes fundamental trust with the company and their intellectual property. Many times, that trust is irrecoverable.


Total cost for impacted companies $10B


Avg of $12M for impacted companies


Ransomware attackers demanded $70M

Bad code alert

Verify authorship of every commit

Logs and transaction records in Git are insufficient for asserting who made that change. It’s easy to impersonate someone on Git, contributors are often using their own Git accounts that are not company issued, contributors can write whatever they want in the author field, and, to top it all off, security tools often slow down software velocity, so companies avoid using them.

With Beyond Identity, every commit is signed by a verified corporate identity and their device. This eliminates any ambiguity regarding authorship, creating a much more secure and trustworthy development process.

stop spoofing

Stop users from spoofing developers and admins on Git

Without Beyond Identity, it's impossible to know who is an authorized developer when contributors are using their personal Git accounts to login, which aren’t tied to corporate identity.

author field

Don't rely on the author field

Without Beyond Identity, contributors can sign the author field of a commit with whatever name they’d like, which makes the author untraceable.

verify identity

Verify the identity of developers at code check in

Without Beyond Identity, contributors can evade corporate security controls. Unauthorized users can check in code to Git without having to login to the SSO to get into the Git web console.

Use cases

native mobile apps

Audit Standards for Code Reviews

web apps


desktop apps

Third party development

Choose DevSecOps tools that speed up software velocity

Speed of development is crucial to your business. Getting things into your developer’s hands that can help them do their job without direct support can make or break your operation goals. Running security software in parallel with existing dev processes speeds things up.

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