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Accelerate and Safeguard Customer Authentication

Build world-class customer authentication experiences with zero-friction passwordless authentication that drives conversions and eliminates account takeover fraud.

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Secure, Frictionless Authentication Improves Revenue

Eliminate passwords

Eliminate Password Attacks

In the past two years, phishing attacks doubled, new account fraud rose by 13%, and account takeover attempts increased by over 79%.

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Exceed Customer Expectations

50% drop off after one bad experience, 46% failed to transact after authentication failure, and 86% of companies rely on experience as their top differentiator.

Frictionless Logins

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Legacy authentication infrastructure slows digital transformation at a time when digital maturity is critical to business success. On average, organizations with higher digital maturity recognize 45% higher net revenue growth than their peers.

Eliminate Authentication Friction and Build Trusted Customer Relationships

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accelerate conversions

Accelerate conversions at registration, login, and recovery

Frustration with passwords, one-time passcodes, and push notifications decrease acquisition, engagement, and retention.

The only way to eliminate authentication friction is to eradicate passwords and the need for second devices at registration, login, and recovery across every application on any device.

secure accounts

Secure customer accounts to preserve brand trust

Trust is difficult to build and recuperate after fraud and breaches. But passwords and legacy multi-factor authentication (MFA) make customers vulnerable to account takeover fraud and puts a bullseye on your database for attackers.

Earn and keep your customer’s trust with full protection against account compromise by eradicating passwords and delivering MFA with only strong factors.

protect privacy

Protect customer privacy

Give customers peace of mind over their privacy with strong authentication by default, transparent control over who and which devices can gain access, as well as tamper-proof credentials.

Plus, avoid mandatory data sharing with social providers and mitigate breaches by completely removing password storage in your database.

modernize applications

Modernize your applications and accelerate time-to-market

Help developers focus on building mission-aligned products, not maintaining legacy authentication infrastructure.

To ensure application scalability, authentication should be omnichannel, leverage open standards for flexible extensibility, and backed by a cloud-native platform.

Integrate passwordless authentication into your customer-facing applications with our SDKs.

Secure and Delight Customers with Beyond Identity

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Accelerate customer conversions

Reduce drop-off at registration, login, and recovery while securing access by capturing two strong factors in one transaction with no second device.

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Eliminate account takeover fraud

Deliver complete protection from account takeovers with complete password removal from your product and database.

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Scalable app development

Modernize your application with a cloud-native authentication solution delivered via SDKs in popular languages.

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Adaptive step-up authentication

Orchestrate dynamic step-up authentication using granular user and device risk signals captured in real time.

Experience the strongest authentication on the planet for yourself.