Beyond Identity FIDO2 Certification

Beyond Identity Announces FIDO2 Certification

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As a FIDO Alliance member since 2020, Beyond Identity has remained committed to and involved in the work of the Alliance to drive the adoption of strong authentication. Today, we’re excited to announce our FIDO2 certification.

FIDO2 refers to the organization’s specifications for strong passwordless authentication, which allows users to leverage common devices to easily and securely authenticate into online services across web and mobile applications. The certification program enforces rigorous testing, ensuring strict conformance to security and interoperability across the ecosystem of products and services deploying FIDO2 authentication and functional compatibility across endpoint devices. 

Beyond Identity extends FIDO’s baseline security and interoperability standards with a cloud-native platform that equips organizations with enterprise-ready capabilities to easily, universally, and securely deploy phishing-resistant passwordless MFA in alignment with a zero trust security approach. 

By augmenting FIDO specifications with an enterprise-ready authentication solution, Beyond Identity enables organizations to:

  • Eliminate authentication friction to accelerate onboarding, enhance productivity, and enable ubiquitous MFA adoption with single-device passwordless MFA
  • Simplify implementation and deliver consistent user experiences, leveraging our unique Universal Passkey Architecture with support across browsers, devices, mobile and web applications, and protocols (OIDC, OAuth 2.0, SAML, and SCIM)
  • Eliminate all phishable factors, including passwords, one-time passwords, and push notifications, with phishing-resistant MFA using public-private key pairs where the private key is created, stored, and never leaves a user’s known device
  • Ensure that only authorized users using secure devices can gain access with cryptographic assurance of user identity and fine-grained device security posture checks for all endpoints in fleet, including BYOD and unmanaged devices
  • Enforce continuous risk-based access policies to prevent insecure devices from accessing corporate resources even during authenticated sessions
  • Lay the foundation for zero trust architecture with an authentication platform that supports zero trust ecosystem integrations out-of-box, including SIEMs, MDMs, EDRs, XDRs, and ZTNA tools.

While eliminating the password is an important step to strengthening security, it is only the first step. Beyond Identity enhances FIDO implementations by providing cryptographic assurance of user and device security posture, continuously enforcing risk-based access policy, and simplifying deployment across all use cases.

See a demo of our platform in action today.