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Identify risks lurking in your Okta

Assess authentication threats within your Okta environment in seconds so you can offload the burden of identifying risky paths before bad actors take advantage of them.

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Save time without sifting through complicated policies

Okta is hard to configure, even harder to configure securely. Fortify your Identity Architecture by clarifying the various ways users in your organization are interacting with your defined authentication configurations. You might be surprised in what you find 👀

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Eliminate risky authentication paths

Instantly identify, visualize, and prioritize areas of compromise that are lurking within your authentication policies so you can reach peace-of-mind.

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Questions? Answers.

What signals does Access360 use?

Access360 analyzes your SSO configuration to ensure it meets best practices. Upcoming releases will analyze your event logs for any unusual activity or patterns that might indicate a security threat, such as multiple failed login attempts, unusual access times, or access from suspicious locations.

Does Access360 allow me to update my config’s?

Yes! We provide recommendations on how to up-level your security posture. And if you need more 1:1 expert feedback, we're happy to schedule time with you within our request a demo form.

How will Access360 use my data?

The only thing the tool does with read-only permissions is to review your authentication paths across your SSO instance which then allows us to generate a report that highlights any risks and misconfigurations. You can also delete your data at anytime. If you have any questions or need any certification verification, drop us a question and we'll get back to you!

Can I stop using Access360 at any time?

Yes! You're in control of your data. You can delete your SSO connections or reports at any time.

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