Biometric Compliance and Privacy with Beyond Identity’s Modern Authentication

Biometric Compliance and Privacy with Beyond Identity’s Modern Authentication



"Someone could lift my fingerprint off a wine glass and unlock my phone!" 


Tech doesn't work that way. Much like it's impossible to copy someone's fingerprint off a glass to unlock a device, there are plenty of misconceptions about biometrics.

Biometrics seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, and while it's cool to think our devices can recognize us, it's no surprise that many of us have reservations. After all, who wants their personal features stored somewhere on the internet?

Here's the scoop:


Why does this matter to you (and us)?

Illinois’s BIPA Act: In Illinois, there's a strict rule about handling biometrics. Any organization, large or small, operating within the boundaries of Illinois and handling biometric information must adhere to BIPA. This isn't a recommendation or a best practice tip—it's a strict directive. 

Beyond Identity's design is inherently compliant with BIPA:

  • We don’t access, collect, or store your actual biometric details.
  • Your data stays with you. Always.
  • No storing means fewer vulnerabilities. It's as simple as that.

In a world where tech keeps advancing, Beyond Identity is all about giving you strong security without any privacy trade-offs. Remember, when you use biometrics with us, it's not about snapshots or prints—it's about innovation, trust, and setting new benchmarks.