Security Specialist Beyond Identity Establishes DACH Presence

Adds two proven industry veterans to take advantage of significant growth potential for passwordless, phishing-resistant MFA technology in DACH

Berlin/Munich, December 13, 2022. Beyond Identity, the leading provider of phishing-resistant multifactor authentication (MFA), is establishing its presence in DACH. The team is headed by Tuncay Eren as Head of Central Europe and Chris Meidinger as Technical Director, EMEA, who will be responsible for sales activities in DACH. Beyond Identity offers passwordless and phishing-resistant MFA technology that enables a frictionless user experience and overcomes significant vulnerabilities of traditional MFA. In terms of sales, the vendor is committed to a channel-first strategy worldwide.

Chris Meidinger and Tuncay Eren both bring many years of expertise in the security industry and sales. Previously, they worked together as the first two sales people at CrowdStrike in Germany and introduced the company to the Central European market. 

Chris Meidinger was Director of Sales Engineering for Central and Northern Europe at CrowdStrike. Meidinger’s experience includes roles at the  leading security ratings provider SecurityScorecard and anti-phishing specialist Agari, and email classic Sendmail.

Tuncay Eren was Director Central Europe at CrowdStrike. Prior to that, he was Director Sales DACH at converged endpoint management security specialist Tanium and held senior positions at Perfecto Mobile, F5 Networks and SPSS (IBM).

"For our passwordless and phishing-resistant MFA technology, the DACH market offers great growth potential, and we are pursuing a clear channel-first strategy," said Tuncay Eren, Director Central Europe, Beyond Identity, who is responsible for all business in DACH. "This is because traditional MFA does not adequately address security risks, as passwords, one-time codes, SMS and push notifications can easily be compromised by phishing attacks."

“Beyond Identity use modern, stronger methods to authenticate users that resist both phishing trickery as well as social engineering - including the now commonly seen MFA prompt bombing attacks,” explained Chris Meidinger, Technical Director, EMEA, Beyond Identity. “We create a long term and reliable relationship between users and their work equipment using Passkeys, which are implanted in the cryptographic hardware of laptops, desktop, mobile phones and tablets. These are biometrically unlocked by the user to enable secure and passwordless authentication, thus establishing initially that the access request is coming from an authorized person. However, in keeping with the principles of Zero Trust, we still verify whether the device can be considered secure enough to be granted access to corporate data and applications. Thus both network and data enjoy a higher level of protection from unauthorized access, while that same access is made simpler for the user via frictionless, passwordless authentication.”

About Beyond Identity
Beyond Identity is fundamentally changing how the world logs in with a groundbreaking invisible, phishing-resistant MFA platform that provides the most secure and frictionless authentication on the planet. We stop ransomware and account takeover attacks in their tracks and dramatically improve the user experience. Beyond Identity’s state-of-the-art platform eliminates passwords and other phishable factors, enabling organizations to confidently validate users’ identities. The solution ensures users log in from authorized devices, and that every device meets the security policy requirements during login and continuously after that. Our revolutionary approach empowers zero trust by cryptographically binding the user’s identity to their devices and analyzing hundreds of risk signals on an ongoing basis. The company’s advanced risk policy engine enables organizations to implement foundationally secure authentication and utilize risk signals for protection, rather than just for detection and response. For more information on why Unqork, Snowflake, and Roblox use Beyond Identity, please visit