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Go Phish: Jasson Casey, Chief Technology Officer, Beyond Identity

Intelligent CISO's writers Go Phishing with Jasson Casey, Chief Technology Officer at Beyond Identity, about what makes him tick.
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Datenschutz und Sicherheit bei der Remote-Arbeit

Binding the device to an identity, combined with continuous monitoring of the device's security posture, is key to a secure identity authentication process and closes security gaps in unmanaged endpoints without the negative impacts associated with traditional MDM solutions.
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TJ Jermoluk And Jim Clark Team Up To Launch Beyond Identity Zero Trust Authentication Platform

Beyond Identity enables secure digital business by replacing passwords with an extended “Chain of Trust” that includes user and device identity and a real-time snapshot of the device’s security posture for adaptive risk-based authentication and authorization.
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Sicherheit durch Null Vertrauen – Best Practices für eine Zero-Trust-Authentisierung

An authentication process that is both phishing-resistant and passwordless is a key component of a Zero Trust framework. This not only significantly reduces cybersecurity risks, but also improves employee productivity and IT team efficiency.