By integrating Beyond Identity’s Secure DevOps solution with your GitLab environment, you can achieve enterprise-grade security for your world-class public, community-developed code.

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Secure DevOps

About GitLab

GitLab is The One DevOps platform for software innovation. As The One DevOps Platform, GitLab provides one interface, one data store, one permissions model, one value stream, one set of reports, one spot to secure your code, one location to deploy to any cloud, and one place for everyone to contribute. The platform is the only true cloud-agnostic end-to-end DevOps platform that brings together all DevOps capabilities in one place.

With GitLab, organizations can create, deliver, and manage code quickly and continuously to translate business vision into reality. GitLab empowers customers and users to innovate faster, scale more easily, and serve and retain customers more effectively. Built on Open Source, GitLab works alongside its growing community, which is composed of thousands of developers and millions of users, to continuously deliver new DevOps innovations.


GitLab Solution Brief

GitLab Solution Brief

secure devops datasheet

Secure DevOps Datasheet


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