Why You Can Trust Beyond Identity

Security is a core part of our DNA. We eat, sleep, and breathe it. So it's not surprising that we took the time to design, architect, and build an extremely secure cloud-native platform from the ground up with security baked into every layer.

We realize that authentication is an instrumental part of your infrastructure, so we built and continue to optimize a system you can trust to be secure and highly available. We've engineered and spent significant time, energy, and resources to provide a platform that meets the scalability and reliability needs of our customers.

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Beyond Identity is FIDO certified

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Beyond Identity is SOC II certified

Beyond Identity helps you meet your compliance requirements

“We believe in a secure future for everyone and we built a secure product that will get us all there. Security is all we think about; it's not only our first priority, it's our only priority.”

- Bob Burke, VP of Security and Infrastructure

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Reliability, Availability, and Scalability

Beyond Identity is a SaaS, cloud-based platform with global data centers.


Frankfurt, Germany

Dublin, Ireland (backup)

Oregon, United States

Ohio, United States (backup)