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Introducing The Passkey Journey: Free Tool to Simplify Passkey Adoption

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While passkeys represent a significant step forward towards greater safety, privacy, and accessibility on the internet, deployment remains challenging for development teams. To make passkey deployment simple, we’re happy to introduce The Passkey Journey which is our solution to ease the transition.

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The challenge with passkey deployment

Passkeys provide frictionless and phishing-resistant authentication but can only be used on devices and browsers that support WebAuthn. This is the biggest challenge that development teams run into when they start building passkey support for their applications. The user experience (UX) is inconsistent across devices and browsers as some either do not support passkeys or only do so only in conjunction with hardware security keys. 

The UX disparities makes it difficult for development teams to understand the UX impact for their user base and, subsequently, the development lift required to support the various user flows. 

How The Passkey Journey helps

This is where The Passkey Journey comes in. 

The Passkey Journey provides a short code snippet that when integrated into a website, analyzes visitors’ devices and browsers to generate a report showing your users’ ability to adopt passkey authentication, complete with expected UX flows and deployment recommendations. 

By providing a data-based assessment of the passkey availability to users across devices and browsers, the tool helps product and engineering teams deploy passkeys quickly and confidently. 

Key features and benefits

Custom report based on your website data

Instead of a static table or compatibility matrix, the report generated shows an exact percentage and number of users who can:

  • Use passkeys with biometrics or hardware security keys
  • Use passkeys only with security keys
  • Cannot use passkeys at all

Interactive UX Flows

The tool doesn't just stop at providing data. It offers interactive UX flows for each of the user scenarios above so your team understands exactly what the end-user experience looks like. 

Technical explanations and deployment recommendations

WebAuthn support across browsers and devices is a nuanced topic. We provide you with a technical breakdown of why the expected UX is the way it is and recommendations to bridge the passkey gap, especially for users who can't use passkeys or can only use them with hardware security keys. 

Free and GDPR-compliant

The Passkey Journey is free, GDPR-compliant, and doesn't require account registration. 

How to get started

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