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Zero Trust Authentication

Securing User and Device Access for a Distributed, Multi-Cloud World


Zero Trust Authentication: Securing User and Device Access for a Distributed, Multi-Cloud World is your ultimate resource for implementing the passwordless, phishing-resistant authentication that underpins zero trust. Written by renowned industry expert Jon Friedman and featuring a foreword by Dr. Zero Trust himself, Chase Cunningham, this book is packed with actionable insights on how to power zero trust across your corporate enterprise. 

This book describes:

  • The role of authentication in zero trust security
  • The fatal shortcomings in existing authentication  
  • Technologies that can provide passwordless, phishing resistant MFA
  • Low-friction authentication that simplifies deployment and ensures user acceptance
  • How Zero Trust Authentication integrates with security tools and strengthens your overall security program
  • How you can deploy Zero Trust Authentication fast and generate quick wins

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In the foreword to the book, Chase Cunningham says, “Trust relationships are the gunpowder that digital threats explode to achieve their goals. It's essential for everyone to understand that (unthinking? blind? unearned? uninformed?) trust is one of the inherent flaws of digital architecture.” 

Zero Trust Authentication removes trust from the equation. And by removing trust, you eliminate a fundamental weakness and take away the weapons threat actors use against you.

The book describes how a policy engine can facilitate secure authentication. The author clearly defines how authentication solutions must have a policy engine at their core and that any zero trust policy is only as good as the data—the telemetry—the policy engine utilizes to make decisions and broker access to resources. 

After reading this book, you will understand the criticality and the need for zero trust authentication in your own organization.