Beyond Identity vs Duo

Beyond Identity vs Duo


With Beyond Identity there’s no need for a second device, no text messages, no push notifications, and no passwords. It’s the most secure and easy-to-use multi-factor authentication on the market. Beyond Identity’s passwordless MFA is a frictionless experience users love that provides customizable access policies with extensible and unlimited device security checks.

See how we compare to Duo and learn how we can help stop security gaps today. 

  Beyond Identity Duo
Adaptive and step-up authentication allowed blue check grey check
Easy, one-day setup blue check grey check
Access policies blue check grey check
User can self enroll blue check grey check
Integrates with all the major single-sign ons blue check grey check
Only uses unphishable authentication methods blue check red x
Unlimited security checks of all devices requesting to logon (Windows 10 PCs, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhones, iPads, and tablets) blue check red x
Extensible, drag and drop risk-based authentication policies blue check red x
Removes password from authentication process and recovery blue check red x
Stops insecure BYOD devices from authenticating blue check red x
Eliminates password policies and resets blue check red x
Doesn't require separate certificate service for passwordless blue check red x

Experience the strongest authentication on the planet for yourself.