Advanced Topic: Secure Launch Mechanisms

What are launch mechanisms?

Passwords are secret character sequences or phrases that are used to authenticate and verify the identity of a user, allowing them to access a computer system, application, or digital resource.

Why are secure launch mechanisms important?

Launch mechanisms must be secure, because an adversary can initiate the authentication process that an unsuspecting victim completes. Instead of an adversary positioning themselves in the middle, they position themselves at the start. If the launch of an authentication process is compromised, the entire authentication could be exploited.

Explore a demo of an authentication with an insecure launch mechanism.

Beyond Identity and secure launch mechanisms

Beyond Identity's MFA solution uses secure launch mechanisms to ensure that the start of an authentication is as secure as the finish, providing phish-resistance end-to-end.

Phish-resistance is a crucial part of a zero trust architecture. Check out our zero trust assessment for a full analysis on your authentication and device management practices and how to reach an optimal level of zero trust.

Experience MFA done right

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