Advanced Topic: Zero Trust

What is zero trust?

Zero trust is a cybersecurity paradigm that shifts security away from traditional network-based perimeters and instead focuses on the direct protection of resources through continuous analysis of users and their devices.

Why is zero trust important?

In a zero trust architecture, trust is not assumed based on network location (local networks vs. internet) or device ownership (enterprise or personal). Authentication and authorization are required for each session, with the emphasis on protecting resources rather than network segments. Zero trust addresses the challenges posed by remote users, bring your own device (BYOD), and cloud-based assets, ensuring a more robust security framework.

Beyond Identity and zero trust

Beyond Identity's identity platform is built with zero trust at the core. Our solution is comprises of phish-resistant MFA, comprehensive device posture checks, and continuous authentication and validation. This provides a fully optimal zero trust solution.

Check out our zero trust assessment for a full analysis on your authentication and device management practices and how to reach an optimal level of zero trust.

Experience MFA done right

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