Advanced Topic: Device Trust

What is device trust?

Device trust is the security concept that assesses the integrity and security posture of a device to determine if it can be trusted to access resources or services.

Why is device trust important?

Device trust is important because only trusted and secured devices should gain access to your organization's resources. All the security controls (firewalls, antivirus programs, up-to-date OS, etc.) should be present and functioning correctly. Granting access to a device that falls out of compliance or changes its security status poses a direct risk to your organization. This is particularly crucial in environments with unmanaged BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or contractor devices.

It's also important that your devices are compliant and up to date, as this is beneficial for cyber insurance and in meeting auditor requirements.

Beyond Identity and device trust

Beyond Identity's identity solution directly incorporates device trust in the product. During authentication, risk signals are collected from the device (firewall status, antivirus status, etc.) and existing security solutions (EDR, MDM, ZTNA, etc.) to enrich an authentication and access decision.

Not only does our solution validate device posture at initial login, but it continuously assesses the device's compliance throughout a session, alerting and taking action if any risk is introduced on the device.

Device trust is a crucial part of a zero trust architecture. Check out our zero trust assessment for a full analysis on your authentication and device management practices and how to reach an optimal level of zero trust.

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