Media Coverage

COVID-19's Acceleration of Cloud Migration & Identity-Centric Security

January 4, 2021
Here are some tips for updating access control methods that accommodate new remote working norms without sacrificing security.

Jim Clark, Beyond Identity and Netscape Co-founder: A Fortt Knox Conversation

December 24, 2020
Talk about a serial entrepreneur: Jim Clark co-founded Silicon Graphics in 1982, Netscape in 1994 and Healtheon in 1995. Now he's tackling the password problem with Beyond Identity.

Hire Missionaries, Not Mercanaries

December 21, 2020
In this episode, we discuss adjusting to COVID-19, Jasson's start in VoIP, third party security management, security without passwords, why you are a target, the role of a CTO, using the right language in security, start-up hiring, and so much more!

Cybersecurity firm raised $75M, says passwords will soon be history

December 8, 2020
Cybersecurity firm raised $75M, says passwords will soon be history.