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Jasson Casey, Beyond Identity: “malware doesn't care if your password is four characters or four thousand characters long”

Beyond Identity’s cloud-native Universal Passkey Architecture delivers secure and frictionless multi-factor authentication. It's a system that routinely validates user identity and device security. This makes user adoption easy and advances the journey toward Zero Trust Security.

The State of AI and Cybersecurity in 2023

Cyber security vendor Beyond Identity recently commissioned a survey of 1,010 cybersecurity specialists on AI-assisted cyberattacks and found that 75% said that AI use in cyberattacks is on the rise, with one in six respondents reportedly experiencing an AI-fueled cyberattack.
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From AI-driven Defense to Dark Web Threat Intelligence

As a FIDO2 certified provider, Beyond Identity’s enterprise-ready platform ensures user and device trust through their Universal Passkey Architecture. They offer secure and frictionless MFA that continuously validates user identity and device security to help organizations achieve a Zero Trust Security model.
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Seven critical requirements true zero trust authentication solutions should meet

Zero Trust Authentication fills the gaps left by first-gen MFA solutions that rely on easily phishable factors like passwords, push notifications, and one-time codes and ensures all requests to access information and assets are scrutinized based on pre-approved user authentication and device trust policies.