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Zero Trust Authentication aims to boost security

Beyond Identity today launches Zero Trust Authentication, developed in response to the failure of traditional authentication methods, includes components such as risk scoring and continuous authentication capabilities to significantly enhance the level of protection offered.
Continuity Central

A new category enters the cyber vocabulary: Zero Trust Authentication

Beyond Identity and various industry partners have launched a new category of zero trust technology: Zero Trust Authentication (ZTA), developed in response to the failure of traditional authentication methods – a problem exacerbated by the increasing number of cyber attacks.
CSO Online

Beyond Identity launches Zero Trust Authentication to align verification with zero-trust principles

Multifactor authentication (MFA) provider Beyond Identity has announced the launch of Zero Trust Authentication — a sub-category of zero trust security that the firm says aligns verification with zero-trust principles.
Security Magazine

5 minutes with Bob Burke – The importance of advanced MFA technology

Bob Burke, VP of Security and Infrastructure at Beyond Identity, explains why legacy MFA is no longer enough protection and how selecting a modern, current, phishing-resistant MFA allows organizations to better safeguard sensitive information.