How the Beyond Identity Authenticator works

Instead of passwords, users download the Beyond Identity Authenticator and set up their secure, device-bound credential for zero-friction passwordless authentication.

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How authenticator works

It's A New Type of Authenticator

Eliminate passwords

No Passwords at All

Eliminate passwords for users and from your database to make all password-based attacks impossible to execute.

Private key

Private Key Bound to Devices

Always know the person and device requesting access with identity bound to devices using private keys created and stored in the device's Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Frictionless Logins

Frictionless Logins, No Second Device

Enjoy zero-friction passwordless logins on any device without one-time passcodes, push notifications, or magic links.

For Faster and More Secure Authentication

enrollment screenshot

Easy, One-Time Enrollment

Invite users to self-enroll. Enrollment only happens once and takes less than a minute.

You have the option to automate provisioning with SCIM and deploy the Authenticator via MDM. For CIAM use cases, you can embed the Authenticator within your mobile or web applications to remove the need for download.

frictionless MFA screenshot

Frictionless MFA Across Every Device

To login across web and native applications, users simply have to enter their email or user ID. There is no password, second device, one-time codes, or push notifications required to authenticate on any device including laptops.

Instead, the Beyond Identity Authenticator works in tandem with the user's device to deliver two strong factors — "something you are" from the device biometric and "something you own" from possession of private key.

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authenticator device info

Silent, Real-Time User and Device Security Assessment

For every authentication request, the Beyond Identity Authenticator captures 25+ user and device security signals from the exact device making the request.

These signals are sent to the Beyond Identity policy engine so you can enforce risk policies including step-up authentication prior to login for adaptive security.

Learn more about risk-based authentication

example of an authentication event

Simple for Admins to Manage and Audit

With easy self-serve enrollment and device management, silent credential creation, and automatic security posture checks, the Beyond Identity Authenticator makes rollout and securing access simple for admins.

Plus, admins can see immutable logs of identity events for easy audit reporting.

What Are Beyond Identity Users Saying?

“Coming from a company that had several MFA, for me its the time-saving element of just being able to log in straight away, not having to go find my mobile, type a code in wait for the code to arrive via text. One click and I'm into all my systems, great. Plus no longer having to worry about getting help desk involved with a password reset.”

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Harry Smith
Channel Account Manager, Distology

“Typically, security tools are not the most exciting things people are raving about but there isn't a day we don't receive an email from our employees raving about what Beyond Identity is doing for them.” 

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Mario Duarte
VP of Security, Snowflake

“Being the administrator of Beyond Identity internally I found it easy to deploy and get everyone enrolled with the Authenticator. This is perfect as I deployed it within minutes, all I had to do was assign a user into a group in our IAM solution and then Beyond Identity automatically send the users emails with steps on how to enroll with the Authenticator.”

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Nathaniel Frank
Technical Specialist, Distology

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