Q1 2023 New Features Announcement

4/17/2023 Jing Gu

As a developer, your job is to build awesome products, not authentication. That's why we're excited to announce new features in Beyond Identity's Secure Customers product that will help you offload the work of authentication. Here are the new features that we introduced in Q1 2023. Stay tuned for more features to come!

Session Management

Token configuration screen showing session management

With this feature, you can create, extend, revoke, and list sessions for your end-users, providing greater control over how they interact with your application. We support both session tokens and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), which offer different benefits depending on your use case. 

Session tokens are ideal for short-lived sessions where user interactions are brief, while JWTs are better suited for long-lived sessions where user interactions can be lengthy and complex. With session management, you can give your end-users a seamless experience while keeping their data secure.

API Access Control

API access control allows you to securely enable access to your applications and APIs by defining fine-grained roles and permissions for all users. You can easily manage who has access to what, ensuring that only authorized users can access your data and services. For example, you might create a role for a group of users who only have read-only access to certain data, or for users who need to perform specific actions within your application. With API access control, you have complete control over who can access your resources, and what they can do with them.

Custom Claims

Custom claims allow you to enrich access tokens with extra information about your users, such as their email address, roles, and entitlements. This information can be used to make authorization decisions, as well as to personalize the user experience within your application. For example, you might use custom claims to display different content to users based on their role, or to send personalized email notifications based on their email address. With custom claims, you can make your application more secure and user-friendly.

Admin Console Access Control

Role and permission selection screen

Finally, the new admin console access control feature allows you to assign specific roles and permissions to each teammate you collaborate with. This provides an additional layer of security to ensure the integrity of your systems. You can choose to grant as broad or narrow access to admin console features as you'd like, depending on each teammate's responsibilities. For example, you might give your developers full access to the admin console, but limit an IT intern’s access to only certain features. With admin console access control, you can ensure that your team members only have access to the features they need to do their job.


We’ve been working hard to build features that can help you build more secure and user-friendly applications because no one has the time to roll your own authentication! 

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