Beyond Identity Secure Customers

Secure Customers enables your external customers to authenticate into your applications with zero-friction, unphishable passwordless MFA

Free Plan

Test and build universal passkeys across native and web applications on any device quickly.

  • Out-of-box passwordless MFA
  • No-code policy engine
  • Community support

Up to 500 monthly active users

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Developer Plan

Launch your passwordless application with a pay-as-you-grow plan

  • Only pay when users authenticate
  • 30-day event logs
  • Optional Advanced Support add-on

Starting from $85/month for 500 MAUs

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Advanced Plan

Scale with enterprise support dedicated to your team, volume pricing, and full historic event log for audit reporting.

  • Best for fast-growing production applications
  • Full access to all historic event logs
  • Advanced Support included

Starting at $12,000 annually

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Included: Free Developer Advanced
Universal Passkey Authentication
Embedded SDKs for native mobile applications
Embed universal passkey within your native iOS and Android applications to simplify and strengthen authentication.
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Embedded SDK for web applications
Embed universal passkey within your web applications to simplify and strengthen authentication.
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Beyond Identity Platform Authenticator SDK
The Beyond Identity Authenticator is available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS devices.
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Roaming authentication support
Cross-device authentication supported as secondary authentication method for shared computer use case.
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Universal Passkey Enrollment & Recovery
One-time enrollment link delivered via email
Passkey creation link delivered via email.
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Custom-defined enrollment via API
Deliver the passkey creation link via our API anywhere within the user workflow in your application.
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Self-serve end-user device management
Users can self-extend their universal passkeys quickly across trusted devices. The private key is never stored in the cloud nor can it be moved across devices. Each new device added gets a public-private key pair that is cryptographically tied to the user's identity.
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Self-serve end-user recovery
Eliminate password resets and give users the ability to recover their account without contacting your support team.
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Admin Controls
Add, remove, and revoke users within Beyond Identity directory.
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Automated provisioning
Automate user provisioning using SCIM.
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User and device lifecycle management
View and manage all users and devices.
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CIAM SSO integrations
Integration with Auth0, ForgeRock, Keycloak, Curity, and more.
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30-day event logs and audit trail
30-day immutable audit logs for every authentication event.
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All historic event logs and audit trail
Immutable audit trail and exportable log to simplify audit and compliance reporting for all historic events.
Custom branding
Authentication UI customization
Tailor the authentication experience to fit your product and brand requirements.
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Sign-up email customization
If you choose to enroll users via email, you can customize the sender name, support link, and logos for end-user email communication.
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Risk-Based Adaptive Authentication
Access policy configuration
Configurable, selectable policies based on real-time user and device security posture.
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Dynamic step-up verification
For higher risk devices or actions, prompt the user for a local device biometric or PIN to increase identity assurance.
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Device Context
Capture real-time user and device security posture for every authentication.
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Developer documentation
Access our SDK documentation, API reference, code snippets, and sample applications.
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Slack community
Get support, provide feedback, and connect with our engineering support crew and other builders working with Beyond Identity.
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Standard business hour support
Get support from 8AM - 5PM CT, M-F, excluding holidays.
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Advanced support
24/7, 365, within the same business day response. 
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Deployment Services
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Pricing based on monthly active users (MAU), defined as any user that has authenticated at least once in a given calendar month. Users refer to external customers that authenticate against your applications.  

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