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Passwordless Authenticator

Frictionless MFA – no passwords, one-time codes, or second device Implement MFA with a new, frictionless authenticator with no passwords, one-time codes, or second device required. Y Y
Download on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad The Beyond Identity Authenticator is compatible with PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. It can be downloaded on multiple devices to provide a consistent, omnichannel login experience, reduce lockouts, and users don't have to pick up a second device to log in. Y Y
Supports browser and native apps Users can log in to web browser-based apps and native apps on all of their devices using their credentials in the Beyond Identity Authenticator. Y Y
Supports roaming authentication experience The Beyond Identity Authenticator supports roaming as a secondary authentication method for shared computer scenario. Y Y
Embedded user enrollment You can embed the Beyond Identity passwordless enrollment within your native desktop or mobile app.   Y
Embedded user authentication You can embed the Beyond Identity passwordless login within your native desktop or mobile app.   Y

User Enrollment

Enrollment via Email Powered by Beyond Identity Enroll users via email Y Y
Customer-Defined Enrollment Workflow Deliver a custom user enrollment flow via channels such as SMS or in-app notifications with our APIs Y Y

End-User Self-Sign-Up and Recovery

Manage My Devices  Users can add devices within the Authenticator and self-recover lost devices Y Y

Admin Controls

Directory Add, remove, and revoke users within Beyond Identity directory Y Y
Automated Provisioning Automate user provisioning using SCIM Y Y
30-Day Summary and Event Data 30-day summary dashboard and 30 days of event logs available for viewing Y Y
All Event Logs and Audit Trail Immutable audit trail and export event log   Y

Continuous Risk-Based Access

Risk-Based Policies Configurable, selectable policies based on granular contextual signals   Y
Step-Up Verification Ask the endpoint for the local identifier that the user initially used to log in   Y
Device Context Risk-based access decisions based on 12+ device security posture and device’s IP address for every device   Y

Custom Branding

Custom Branded Credential within Authenticator Add your logo or the brand look and feel of your credential within the Beyond Identity Authenticator Y Y
Custom Branding for User Enrollment Flow Add your logo and brand colors to customize the passwordless enrollment experience   Y


Standard Business Hour Support Portal and email support 8 am – 5 pm CT, M-F, excluding holidays Y Y


Pricing based on monthly active users (MAU), defined as any user that has authenticated at least once in a given calendar month.

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