Rolling out passwordless just got easier

Categories: Product, Workforce

We’ve made three enhancements to our passwordless identity platform to help the transition to a new authentication method even easier.

Most single sign-ons use passwords as a default, however, passwords carry the risks of unauthorized access and data loss from credential stuffing, credential reuse, and replay attacks.

The security, identity, and IT professionals we speak to want to move away from insecure passwords, however, it’s hard to find an authentication method that is secure, easy to deploy, and easy for employees to adopt.

Although there’s a strong chance that most employees will be thrilled about getting rid of passwords forever, there is a risk to rolling out an entirely new login method across your workforce. These risks include increased account lockouts and help desk tickets.

These new enhancements eliminate these risks. With these updates, you’ll no longer need to manage your users’ credentials, you can trust they’ve been provisioned, and that employees can recover their credentials when they need to, improving time to value and reducing the workload on the help desk.

If you want to spend time manually provisioning users and individually helping thousands of employees install new software on their work and personal devices then this is NOT for you.

Here are some ways that we’ve made it even easier to roll out passwordless to your workforce:

  1. Automatic provisioning with SCIM

Automatically sync users from your mastered directory to Beyond Identity’s directory for easy user lifecycle management.




  1. User self enrollment through single sign-on

Choose between two self enrollment up options. The first option is an email invite generated by the Beyond Identity platform. The second option is through the single sign on, during a secure, authenticated session. This new option allows users to sign up at their leisure and is the least disruptive. Administrators monitor the number of users that have successfully signed up, and encourage them to complete the enrollment process.          




  1. User self service and recovery

Empower your workforce to add, manage, and remove their own credentials on their devices without having to contact the help desk. Users lose devices, they purchase new devices. When credentials are tied to your device, managing devices becomes crucial to avoid lockouts.




Rolling out passwordless is the first step. Finding an authentication platform that scales with your workforce, is easy to manage over time, and can grow with you as your authentication needs progress, is the real battle.