Introducing Self-Serve Access to Secure Customers SDKs and APIs

Introducing Self-Serve Access to Secure Customers SDKs and APIs

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One of Beyond Identity’s founding principles is to revolutionize how the world logs in. As with any goal of a global scale, we can’t get there alone. 

Within two years of the launch of our company, we now offer three products for securing the workforce, developers, and customers. Today, we’re excited to open our platform with fully self-serve access for Secure Customers SDKs and APIs which makes it possible for development teams to build universal passkeys across customer-facing native mobile and web applications quickly, easily, and for free. 

With access to our SDKs and APIs, developers can embed invisible, passwordless MFA that eliminates account takeover fraud and works across all platforms. Not only will customers be fully protected from credential-based attacks, they can also enjoy zero-friction authentication without ever needing to type passwords, enter a one-time passcode, accept a push notification, or pick up a second device. 

Along with a dedicated developer site, complete documentation, and Slack community, our new self-serve functionality is part of our ongoing commitment to optimizing for builders and empowering developers to innovate with the Beyond Identity platform. 

What’s new

Self-serve sign-up: Get up and running with your developer account and take your application passwordless in minutes. Plus, the sign-up process allows you to experience registration flow with universal passkeys firsthand.

Robust SDK and API documentation: With complete documentation including developer guides, sample code, API reference, integration guides, platform overview, and more, you can get started easily and have the option to dig deeper into how the platform works. The driving principles behind documentation are to treat docs as code so you can easily embed our SDKs and API within your applications using up-to-date documentation.

Developer Slack community: Just because you’re familiar with working with SDKs and APIs, doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. Our developer Slack community connects you with our engineers and support crew so you can ask questions, provide feedback, or just chat about all things related to identity and authentication.

Dedicated developer website: Developers deserve an experience that is tailored to your needs – quick access to documentation, technical resources, educational content for working with identity standards, and use cases. That’s why we built a unique web property to consolidate all things relevant for developers to learn about and build passwordless authentication into native mobile and web applications.

Example Vertical Use Cases

Fintech: Makes account takeover fraud impossible

Accelerate sign-ups and logins by eliminating all authentication friction while maintaining high brand trust by keeping clients safe from credential-based attacks. With Beyond Identity, every authentication is multi-factor by using only unphishable factors, compliant with PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement, with none of the hassle of legacy MFA. 

E-Commerce: Take the friction out of checkouts

When you remove all hurdles standing between a customer and successful checkout, you can streamline the shopping experience and drive revenue. Plus, Beyond Identity is as easy to use as it is secure so you can both delight and safeguard your customers from credential-based attacks. 

Travel and hospitality: Eliminate account takeover fraud with invisible, unphishable MFA

Replace passwords and cumbersome MFA to give guests a seamless authentication experience while making it impossible for bad actors to execute credential-based attacks. Speed up sign-ups, simplify logins across every device for guests, and protect guest rewards from fraud.

Media and streaming: Engage customers with cross-platform passwordless authentication

Convert visitors to subscribers faster and help them access your content easily and securely across all their devices. Safeguard customer data from fraud and breaches with invisible MFA and know who’s logging in from which device with cryptographic confidence. 

See a demo or get started

Experience Beyond Identity passwordless for yourself with a demo or a free developer account.