DarkGuard BETA

Introducing: DarkGuard BETA

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Okta has left customers no choice but to proactively protect their environment. DarkGuard BETA, released in beta for free, is here to help.

In the last two years, Okta has disclosed 10 breaches. The latest Cloudflare breach disclosure is a direct consequence of the Okta breach in October—this is Cloudflare’s third Okta-related breach in a single year. Companies of all sizes, especially companies without Cloudflare’s level of enterprise security resources, must proactively take action and put up safeguards for their Okta environment.

Continuing our commitment to move security forward for companies of all sizes, today we are releasing a new authentication threat detection tool, DarkGuard, in beta for free. Here’s an overview of the tool. 

The problem

If you’ve ever been an Okta administrator, then you know that Okta is hard to configure and even harder to configure securely. The burden to do it right is on you, the busy IT or security staff, but it's not easy to wade through the complexity to understand the authentication threats that lurk in your environment. 

DarkGuard features

Easy-to-use, agentless assessment of authentication vulnerabilities

DarkGuard works by analyzing your Okta logs. There is nothing to download and you don’t have to work in a command line interface. The tool provides a GUI for you to see your report overview, detailed vulnerability analysis, and visual user journey graph so you can get started quickly. 

In-depth analysis of vulnerabilities detected

We don’t just tell you what authentication vulnerabilities were found, we explain to you why it’s insecure, how it can be exploited today by bad actors, and actionable steps you can take to eliminate the vulnerability. 

Visualized user journey graph to assist with remediation prioritization

Decipher Okta’s complexity with a simple visualization that clearly illustrates the authentication paths that users can follow to access applications associated with your authentication policies. In conjunction with the vulnerabilities analysis, the graph view of the user journey can help you make informed prioritization decisions for remediation. 

What’s next?

Today, DarkGuard is only released in beta stage so we’re actively looking for feedback. 

Your input will shape our product development so please let us know what you’d like to see. In the meantime, our team is continuing development against the following features: 

  • Expanded SSO coverage from Okta to additional SSOs
  • Highlight suspicious events and sessions in addition to authentication paths
  • Integrations with additional security platforms to provide data exports and alerting

How to get started?

You can try DarkGuard by signing up now: https://darkguard.beyondidentity.com/