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FutureCon - Beyond Passwordless: The Past, Present, and Future of Strong Authentication

FutureCon Recap: The Past, Present, and Future of Strong Authentication

Beyond Identity Blog | Thursday, August 5, 2021

Passwords are outdated. They are susceptible to breach, theft, and attack, and are overall fundamentally insecure. The weakest link in the security of most organizations is access—almost all major attacks or breaches don’t involve breaking in, but rather simply logging in. This is an important difference to highlight, as the key vulnerability is valid credential use, and a topic worth discussing. Beyond Identity CTO, Jasson Casey, took the stage at FutureCon to discuss the history of passwords, and what strong access and strong authentication look like. Here are some key takeaways that Jasson covers in his session:

  • What establishing trust in your environment, across transactions, and between devices looks like
  • Zero trust access and workforce solutions and user experience 
  • How platform authenticators and anchoring a key within device hardware help to secure your organization
  • Continuous authentication and continuous risk assessment

Watch the full session above now to dive deeper into these topics and learn more about the risk-based authentication solution that Beyond Identity offers.