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Welcome to Zero Trust Authentication

Passwordless and phishing-resistant authentication with continuous device trust checks for security conscious organizations.

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FIDO2 certified authentication that radically advances your security posture:


Eliminate credential-based breaches

85% of cyberattacks start with stolen credentials, passwords, and phishable MFA.


Accelerate your zero trust security strategy

Verify users and devices with modern MFA and device trust built for zero trust.


Ensure compliance on all endpoints

Ensure all users and devices, even BYOD, are compliant with fine-grained security checks. 


Enforce risk-based continuous authentication

Capitalize on real-time user and device risk signals to make dynamic access decisions at time of authentication and continuously thereafter.

Multiple solutions. Same secure technology.

secure workforce

Secure Workforce

  • Prevents credential-based breeches and account takeovers
  • Validates a user and device identity to deliver trusted authentication
  • Provides effortless access for employees, contractors, and developers
  • Enforces continuous risk-based authentication

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secure customers

Secure Customers

  • Eliminate account takeover fraud and stops 80+% of breaches by eliminating passwords
  • Speed up customer conversions at registration, login, and checkout
  • Build universal authentication consistent across all apps, platforms, devices, and protocols
  • Scale reliably with 100% cloud-native platform

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How it works

The industry’s most secure authentication

By incorporating technology based on the principles of zero trust, we enable robust multi-factor authentication that eliminates passwords, ensures complete device integrity, and delivers secure and efficient digital access for customers, employees, contractors and developers.

No passwords
No second device
No one-time codes
No push notifications

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