What is "phish-resistant"?

But first, what is phishing?

Before we define what phish-resistant means, we must first define what phishing is.

Phishing is a broad category of cyberattacks aimed at tricking individuals or organizations into revealing sensitive information or performing actions that can compromise their security.

What does it mean to be "phish-resistant"?

Phish-resistant is the capability of being resistant to phishing attacks. Here at Beyond Identity, we believe in 2 core principles that make up phish-resistance:

1. Cryptographic keys that don't move.
2. Removing the human from the authentication process.

Cryptographic keys that don't move

By employing cryptographic keys for authentication, you leverage unique keys that are cryptographically generated, making it near impossible to replicate, guess, or crack.

Furthermore, if the cryptographic keys are stored in a secure environment, such as the secure enclave found in all modern devices, you get a guarantee that the key will not leave the device.

When these keys are neither shared, duplicated, nor transferred, your attack surface shrinks to the size of a pin.

Removing the human from the authentication process

In cybersecurity, human error is inevitable. Whether it's click on a phishing link, opening a malicious attachment, or falling for a fake help desk call, these mistakes are part of human nature. 74% of breaches involved social engineering, according to Verizon's 2023 Data Breach report.

What if we could mitigate that risk?

By removing the human element from the authentication process, we can prevent negative outcomes from these errors.

An ideal authentication system should offer protection against AitM (Adversary-in-the-Middle) attacks and automatically respond to authentication challenges posed by the server. This should be a mechanical process that doesn't require any human interaction.

Phish-resistant, by design

At Beyond Identity, we build and design with these two principles in mind.

Our phish-resistant passkeys are device bound cryptographic keys, with the entire authentication unaffected human error.

We're committed to continuous improvement, regularly reviewing the evolving threat landscape and staying ahead of it. By choosing our solution, you're not just adopting a security shield for today, but for tomorrow and beyond.

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