Continuously validate users and devices

Reduce your attack surface by 80%

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Single sign-on is not secure

Welcome to Zero Trust Authentication


Replace passwords with phishing-resistant factors

Eliminate credential-based breaches
Passwords are eliminated throughout the entire authentication process
Prevent Man-in-the-Middle and MFA fatigue attacks
Our single device authentication is phishing resistant
Meet cyber insurance and compliance requirements
Our FIDO2 Certified MFA checks all the boxes by default

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Enforce policies on every device (even BYOD devices)

Block insecure devices from accessing resources
Gain visibility on device security settings on all devices
Understand and control which device security controls are present
Partition devices for employee and contractors to determine access privileges

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DarkGuard BETA Launch

Identify the vulnerabilities lurking in your Okta environment before before bad actors can exploit them

Introducing Device 360

Run device queries and get visibility into risk for managed and unmanaged devices

Zero Trust Authentication is everything you need in one place

  • Phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Continuous validation and monitoring of users and devices
  • Least-privilege access policies
  • Real-time analytics that tie it all together
  • Integrates with your existing zero trust stack

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Stop detecting threats. Start preventing them.

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