Remote Access Designed to Secure Cloud Resources From Anywhere

Traditional Security Perimeters Have Dissolved

The security needs of businesses have evolved. Legacy solutions like VPNs and CASBs are no longer enough. While adept at securing older workforce models, modern workforces require a solution that can verify the identities of users off network and prevent unsecure devices from interacting with company data.  

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Combat Modern Remote Access Threats

Icon Protect Data Cloud

Protect Cloud Data

Support a hybrid workforce while protecting the systems that the workforc needs to access—SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS resources. 

Icon Secure VPN

Secure Your VPN

Control which devices can access your resources on the network. When your VPN is behind your SSO, anyone can login from any device.

Icon Defend Mobile

Defend Mobile Workforces

Assure that only trustworthy BYOD devices can access your company resources remotely. Check every managed and unmanaged device at every authentication attempt.

"I could just do single sign-on to the VPN. The problem I have with that model is I have no way to validate that you're on one of my computers."

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Close The Gap for Secure Remote Access

Reduce the risks of data theft or the non-compliance of remote workers with advanced policy-based tools and capabilities.   

Icon Block Paths

Block Unknown Devices

Categorically block unregistered devices from accessing cloud resources using TPM-bound credentials that are immovable and cannot be cloned, unlike other solutions that store credentials on a hard drive.

Icon Trusted Endpoints

Establish Trust In Your Endpoints 

Check all devices, both unmanaged and managed, for its security posture at the time of login to protect your organizational data from unsecured, untrustworthy devices.

Icon Attack Protection

Eliminate RDP Attack Surfaces

Disrupt the most common threat vector for ransomware attacks by removing passwords and the opportunity for brute force intrusion.

Icon Remote Work Scale

Onboard and Support Workforces Remotely and At Scale

Onboard employees remotely and empower your workforce to self-enroll, manage, and reset their credentials on day one, without extensive IT support while enforcing adherence to security policies.

Icon Evaluate Risk

Evaluate Risk Signals Beyond Geolocation

Continuously gather intelligence about who's logging in remotely, on what device, and whether this interaction is safe. 

It's Time To Replace or Enhance Your Legacy Remote Access Solution

VPNs were not built for the cloud and CASBs only protect data usage control on the service side—neither can effectively solve the challenges in securing remote access for cloud resources.

Icon Costly

Costly and Complex

VPN's have guarded resources on-prem for years, but their costly complicated configurations slow on-prem networks, waste resources, and open the door for data theft.

Icon Productivity Killer

Productivity Killer

To secure remote access you need a solution that doesn't kill productivity. VPNs are great for accessing on-prem network resources but slow connectivity for cloud access in hybrid work scenarios.

Icon Stop

Missing Security Controls

VPNs and CASBs cannot continuously evaluate the security posture of managed and unmanaged devices to control access to critical cloud resources.

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