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At Beyond Identity, we set out to radically change how the world authenticates without radical changes to the way IT and other departments work. So we created a solution to provide secure, passwordless authentication that easily integrates with existing SSO and customer applications.

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We did more than create a passwordless experience. Our solution extends a Chain of Trust™ to users and their endpoint devices by introducing an exceptionally simple concept: the personal certificate authority.

For decades, web communication has been secured using TLS and certificates, but user identity has relied on passwords, leaving user authentication vulnerable.

Beyond Identity replaces passwords with certificates, extending the Chain of Trust™ to end users and their devices, for logins that are completely secure and frictionless.


Our certificate-based approach provides a signed, immutable record of the endpoint’s security posture at time of login, for adaptive, risk-based authentication and authorization.

Compliance teams will have a complete, immutable record of who is entering your perimeter – meaningfully reducing the time and complexity of audits.

SOC teams will have comprehensive, contextual data for ongoing threat monitoring and incident investigations.

End users can add or migrate to a new device with full IT visibility, but without IT, HR, or Help Desk intervention, saving time and reducing cost.

The “Father of SSL” discusses how his work creating SSL as the foundation of the consumer internet has led to the elimination of passwords today.

Extending the
Chain of Trust

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Taher Elgamal, Father of SSL