The Next Phase of Identity and Security

September 26 at 12 PM ET

Join us for a webinar delving into Zero Trust Authentication, its integration into the security ecosystem, and how "negative" trust is challenging hackers.

next phase of identity and security webinar

Bridging network-centric and identity-centric zero trust

When: September 26 at 12 PM ET
Where: Virtual  
Length: 1 hour

Where do network-centric zero trust and identity-centric zero trust come together? This webinar will present a lively panel on the state of Zero Trust Authentication, show how authentication solutions must integrate into the broader security technology ecosystem, and why "negative" trust has the bad guys on the run.

Key highlights of this webinar:

  • The state of Zero Trust Authentication: A deep dive into how Zero Trust Authentication is pivotal in an organization's zero trust architecture.
  • Integrations within a security ecosystem: Discover how authentication solutions are not standalone, but rather, vital cogs in the broader security technology landscape. Uncover why seamless integration is the key to fortified security.
  • The rise of "negative" trust: Explore the groundbreaking concept of "negative" trust and understand how it's putting adversaries on the back foot, creating a more secure cyber environment for everyone.


kurt johnson
Kurt Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer at Beyond Identity


sam curry
Sam Curry, VP, CISO, at Zscaler


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