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How Passwordless SDKs Work

Embed Beyond Identity's passwordless authentication in your customer-facing applications to keep users in your app without driving them to download and use a third-party authenticator app.

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Passwordless in your app across all devices

Our suite of SDKs recreate all the core functionality of the Beyond Identity's passwordless authentication in a single code package so you can deliver a branded, zero-friction passwordless experience across your native and web applications.

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Native mobile applications

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Web applications

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Native desktop applications
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Implement passwordless authentication your way

With standards-based SDKs, robust documentation, sample apps, and dedicated integration support, developers can ship native passwordless experiences with ease.

embedded auth

Convert visitors into customers faster, with easy passwordless enrollment

Frictionless one-time enrollment with no passwords, Authenticator downloads, one-time codes, or push notifications
Customers only need to provide their email and click on a link
The Embedded Authenticator SDK automatically conducts immutable identity binding with public-private key and certificate generation
If a customer loses their only device with a passwordless credential, they can re-enroll with the same process

Protect customers with secure, frictionless and adaptive MFA

Empower customers to login in seconds across all your applications
Embedded Authenticator SDK silently validates two strong factors (something you are and something you own) to securely authenticate the user for every login
Configure dynamic step-up biometric authentication delivered in your applications, based on real-time user and device security signals
zero friction

Control branding with fully embedded experiences in your app

Seamlessly integrate passwordless MFA into your native and web applications
Define your enrollment email flow with our out-of-box Sendgrid integration or configure your own email provider
Give users the ability to manage their passwordless credentials from your app's account settings page

Integrate passwordless authentication into your customer-facing applications with our SDKs.